1. List of Midnight Appointments

- Aside form offering a huge list of last-minute federalists appointed during the Revolution of 1800, this site is a great place to look up any government doc. Check out the links within that site to easily find info on related topics.

2. Biography

-Includes great bios of John Marshall and others.

3. Dartmouth College v. Woodward

4. Thomas Jefferson's letter regarding Dartmouth College v. Woodward

-Includes the original letter as well as commentary and links.

5. Hypertext on US History

- A great site with general APUS info

6. Life Heroes

- Info on Jefferson, Marshall, and a great many other historical figures of all time periods.

7. Thomas Jefferson, Federalist

-A Seven-page essay from a publication put forth by the University of Virginia. Explores his political views on the Federalism v. States' Rights issue, as well as those of the day.

8. John Marshall

-Huge bio with links to other relevant names. Contains details on his career & life. This site is dedicated to Virginia, and thus includes info on other famous Virginians (ie, Jefferson.)

9. US History, 1800-1840

-An amateur but impressive site with great resources, including key events, key people, and a lovely, terse review of the Supreme Court under Marshall. Definately a keeper.

10. Marbury V. Madison

- The case itself, and links.

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