Our Timeline [1809-1815]

1809 March 4 James Madison inaugurated
1811 November 4 War Congress convenes
    7 Battle of Tippencanoe
1812 June 18 Madison signs War Bill
  June-August   Baltimore riots
  July 1 U.S. doubles customs duties
    17 Great Britain captures Mackinac
  August 15 Ft Dearborn Massacre
    16 Great Britain captures Detroit
  October 13 Battle of Queenston
  Fall   Madison wins reelection
  December 26 Great Britain proclaims blockade of Chesapeake & Delaware Bays
1813 January 22 Battle of Frenchtown
    23 River Raisin Massacre
  April 15 U.S. occupies West Florida
    27 Battle of York
  May 26 Great Britain blockades additional middle & southern states
    27 Battle of Ft George
    29 Battle of Sackets Harbor
  June 5 Battle of Stoney Creek
    22 Battle of Norfolk
    24 Battle of Beaver Dams
    26 Great Britain attacks Hampton
  July 27 Battle of Burnt Corn
  August 2 Battle of Ft Stephenson
    30 Battle of Ft Mims
  September 10 Battle of Lake Erie
  October 5 Battle of the Thames
    16-19 Battle of Leipzig
    26 Battle of Chateaugay
  November 3 Battle of Tallushatchee
    4 Great Britain offers U.S. peace negotiations
    9 Battle of Talladega
    11 Battle of Chrysler's Farm
    16 Great Britain extends blockade to all middle & southern states
  December 10 U.S. evacuates Ft George & burns Newark
    17 U.S. adopts Embargo
    18 Great Britain captures Ft Niagara
      Great Britain destroys Lewiston and towns
1814 January 22 Battle of Emuckfau
    24 Battle of Enotachopco
  March 27-28 Battle of Horseshoe Bend
  April 11 Napoleon abdicates throne
    14 U.S. repeals Embargo & Nonimportation Law
    25 Great Britain extends blockade to New England
  July-September   Great Britain occupies eastern Maine
  July 3 U.S. captures Ft Erie
    5 Battle of Chipewa
    25 Battle of Lundy's Lane
  August   U.S. public credit collapses
      U.S. banks suspend specie payments
    8 Peace negotiations begin in Ghent
      Great Britain outlines initial peace terms
    9 U.S. and Creeks sign Treaty of Ft Jackson
    14 Great Britain occupies Pensacola
    15 Battle of Ft Erie
    24 Battle of Bladensburg
    24-25 Great Britain burns Washington
    28 Nantucket declares neutrality
  September 11 Battle of Plattsburgh
      Battle of Lake Champlain
    12 Battle of Mobile Bay
      Battle of North Point
    13-14 Battle of Baltimore
    14 Francis Scott Key writes the Star-Spangled Banner
    17 U.S. sortie from Ft Erie
    26 British squandron captures Gen. Armstrong
  October 21 Great Britain offers peace on the basis of uti possidetis
  November 5 U.S. evacuates Ft Erie
    7 U.S. occupies Pensacola
    27 Great Britain drops the uti possidetis
  December 14 Battle of Lake Borgne
    15 Hartford Convention begins
  December-February   U.S. adopts additional internal taxes
  December 23 Preliminary battles along New Orleans begin
    24 U.S. and Great Britain sign the Treaty of Ghent
    28 U.S. rejects conscription proposal
1815 January 8 Battle of New Orleans
  February 4 U.S. adopts second enemy trade law
    11 Treaty of Ghent reaches U.S.
    16 U.S. Senate approves Treaty of Ghent
      Madison approves Treaty of Ghent
    17 U.S. rejects National Bank proposal
      U.S. and Great Britain exchange ratifications
      War of 1812 ends


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