Here are a few great books which I used for research and have useful information about the development of Federalism. Some are even broader and contain documents and/ or information from many eras and topics in US History. Enjoy!

1.  Bender, David L., publisher. Opposing Viewpoints in American History. San Diego: Greenhaven Press,
            Covers a great number of issues in US History from all periods, with an excerpt which covers both sides
            of each issue. Great index, very complete.

2.  Heffner, Richard, D. A Documentary Hisory of the United States. New York: Penguin Books,1991.
            Contains many, longer docs, especially harder to find ones. Does not contain a great many docs on
            each individual issue.

3.  Hofstadter, Richard, ed. Great Issues in American History From Revolution to Civil War, 1765-1865. New       York: Random House, 1958
            This book has many excellent docs from the indicated time period.

Good Luck!!!

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