World War II (5)

Choose the correct word for each question.
FDR's view of the U. S. role in World War II as a supplier of war materials to countries fighting the Nazis and the Japanese.
In this proclamation, FDR announced that all Japanese-Americans were to be put in detention camps for the security of the nation.
This African-American labor leader demanded equal employment opportunities for blacks during World War II.
At this meeting of the "Big Three" Allied leaders in 1945, the Soviet Union agreed to wage war against Japan and the U. S. agreed to permit the Soviet occupation of Polish territories.
It repudiated the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine.
FDR and Churchill issued this 1941 statement that declared that both nations would support self-determination, freedom of the seas, joint disarmament, and territorial integrity for all after World War II ended.
This upheld the authority of the U. S. government to confine Japanese Americans in relocation camps as a matter of national security in wartime.
He was the scientific director of the secret Manhattan Project that created the first atomic bomb.
At this meeting, plans were drawn up for an International Bank for Reconstruction and Development to help stabilize the world's currencies after the war.
Better known as the "G. I. Bill of Rights," this law aided veterans in setting themselves up in business and providing loans for home mortgages, pensions, and educational opportunities.
The U. S. military strategy during World War II in the Pacific in order to reach within striking distance of Japan.
A developing split between the Soviet Union and the U. S. became apparent at this July 1945 wartime meeting.
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