The Roaring 20s Through Hoover (6)

Choose the correct word for each question.

Nicknamed "The Eagle of the U. S.", he was an important figure in creating the "America First" movement.
These World War I veterans protested the non-payment of the veteran bonus voted them by Congress and demanded that government do something to get them jobs.
This 1924 legislation was designed to keep agricultural prices up by giving government the right to a crop surplus and sell it abroad.
The contemporary way of thinking by the educated elite who used reason and experiments to find out the truth.
This popular evangelist preached revivalism, emphasizing individual faith rather than church doctrines.
The slogan of the 1920 Harding presidential campaign.
This Democratic mayor of New York ran as the first Roman Catholic presidential candidate in 1928.
The practice of buying stocks for only a percentage of the market price and borrowing the rest.
The national recognition of talented African American artists, writers, and musicians.
This law raised rated on foreign imports in 1930 and damaged the international economy.
President Hoover's philosophy of stressing the importance of decisions made by private business for bringing about an economic recovery.
He was the "face" of organized crime in the 1920s and early 1930s.
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