Reconstruction (5)

Choose the correct word for each question.
A derogatory term applied to Northerners who settled in the South after the Civil War.
The status of working a piece of land in return for a portion of the crops.
The Congressional legislation designed to limit the authority of President Andrew Johnson by preventing him from firing any of his Cabinet officers.
Southern state laws passed during Reconstruction to impose restrictions on the rights of former slaves.
The initial Congressional plan for Reconstruction which was vetoed by President Lincoln.
A term used by Southerners to describe the return of conservative Democrats to power in southern state governments.
This Supreme Court ruling in 1866 stated that wartime trials held by military tribunals where civil courts existed were unconstitutional.
Taking away the right to vote from those who already have it.
A state tax collected from voters at each election center which is now prohibited by the 24th. Amendment.
This Jim Crow law restricted blacks from voting if their grandfathers could not vote before 1867.
He was the leader of the Radical Republicans who pushed for the impeachment of President Andrew Johnson.
A government agency during Reconstruction that provided schools, medical aid, and other services for people freed from slavery.
Lincoln's Secretary of War who was outwardly disloyal to President Johnson and acted as a spy for the Radical Republicans in Congress. It was his dismissal that precipitated Johnson's impeachment hearing.
A negative term used to describe Southern Unionists who supported Republican state governments during Reconstruction.
A Republican political campaign tactic of reminding voters of the valuable role of the Republican Party in preserving the Union and defeating the rebellious, Democratic, South.
A series of laws designed to protect black suffrage by authorizing the use of the army against the Ku Klux Klan.
Northern Republican politicians who generally wanted not only to punish the ex-Confederate leaders, but also to help the freed slaves fulfill their goals.
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