Progressivism (5)

Choose the correct word for each question.

This muckraker's book, History of Standard Oil Company, chronicled the abuses of the company and led to a court case that caused the breakup of that monopoly.
This was established by Congress in 1887 to regulate railroad rates and prevent abuses by the railroads.
A proposal submitted to a popular vote before putting it into effect.
Nickname for the Progressive Party in the 1912 election that supported the third party candidacy of Theodore Roosevelt.
Founded by W. E. B. Du Bois to promote the civil rights of African Americans.
This outspoken social reformer began the modern birth control movement.
By gathering enough signatures on a petition, a group can force a legislature to consider a proposal or require it to be placed on the ballot for public vote.
This conservative tariff law discredited President Taft and split the Republican party in 1912.
In his book, The School and Society, he said that we learn through experience and he wanted teachers to show pupils that learning was interesting.
This progressive judge was the first Jewish Supreme Court Justice and was appointed by President Wilson.
This new group of realistic artists painted scenes of American slums and tenements.
This militant labor union attracted the support of immigrant factory workers, migrant farm laborers, loggers, and miners.
This writer exposed hideous conditions and practices within the meatpacking industry.
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