bullet The 1784 India Act

The 2-Nation Theory and Partition

bullet The Amritsar Massacre
bullet Armchair Travel in India c1900 - over 100 stereographic views of India
bullet Ask Gandhi Page

Assessing Tilaks's Record

bullet Basic Concepts of Satyagraha

Britain in India


British Education in India

bullet "British India before and after the Great Rebellion of 1857" by Professor Peter Marshall
bullet British Invasion and Rule of India - timeline
bullet The British Press and the Indian Mutiny - Kevin Hobson
bullet The Colonial and Postcolonial History and Literature of Nigeria

The Colonial Legacy - Some Myths and Popular Beliefs

bullet Emperors of the Sangoku, the "Three Kingdoms," of India, China, & Japan
bullet English in India

The Epic of the Race:  India, 1857

bullet Establishment of All India Muslim League (1906)
bullet Freedom Movement Of India
bullet Freedom Struggle Betrayed: India, 1885-1947 (Maoist Documentation Project)
bullet "From Mohandas to Mahatma: The Spiritual Metamorphosis of Gandhi" by Karen E. James, The University of Virginia

From Trade to Colonization - Historic Dynamics of the East India Companies

bullet Gandhi and Non-Violence

Gandhi - great site with many links

bullet Gandhi in Cartoons
bullet Gandhi Photo Essay (ABC News)

Gandhi Virtual Ashram


Gandhi's Words


General Charles Napier and the Conquest of Sind

bullet Harriet Martineau and the India Question
bullet Hill Railways of India in the 1930s
bullet Hindu History by Sudheer Birodkar
bullet "Images from Imperial India" - Smithsonian Magazine
bullet India in the 1800's
bullet India: Pioneering Photographers (1850-1900)
bullet Indian History (
bullet The Indian Mutiny of 1857-1858- its Causes and Consequences
bullet The Indian National Congress

Itihaas:  The History of India -- "Modern India, 1757-1947"

bullet Jawaharlal Nehru - biography (Itihaas)
bullet Kashmir Legal Documents (over 140)

Key Landmarks in the Indian Freedom Struggle

bullet Kipling’s Notions of Race in Plain Tales from the Hills
bullet The Life and Death of Mahatma Gandhi
bullet Lord Louis Mountbatten - biography

M. K. Gandhi Institute

bullet Mahatma Gandhi - biography

Mahatma Gandhi Album   --   Over 40 video clips

bullet Mahatma Gandhi and Political Movements
bullet Mahatma Gandhi - South Africa's Gift to India?
bullet Magic Lantern India and Pakistan 1895
bullet "The Man, The Mahatma"

MAP-->"Imperialism in Asia on the Eve of World War I"

bullet MAP-->"The Portuguese Maritime Empire in Asia
bullet Missionaries in Northern India
bullet "Moderates" versus "Extremists" in the battle for "Swaraj" and "Swadeshi" 

Muhammad Ali Jinnah (1876-1948)

bullet "The New Nationalist Movement in India" - Atlantic Monthly (1908)
bullet Nineteenth-Century British and Indian Armies and their soldiers


Photographs of the British Army in India 100 years ago - Collected by W.G. Skinner of the Rifle Brigade


Remembering Tilak Maharaj by Jyotsna Kamat

bullet Representations of "savages" in Conrad's Heart of Darkness
bullet Robert Clive - biography
bullet Rulers/Kings of the Far East and India
bullet The Salt March to Dandi, 1930
bullet Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 -- First Indian War of Independence
bullet The Sepoy Rebellion Online
bullet "The Sepoy Rebellion or First War of Independence?" by Philip V. Allingham, Faculty of Education, Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario
bullet The SIkhs and the Independence Movement
bullet South Asian History Project
bullet Steam Locomotives of India
bullet The Story of Pakistan
bullet The Sun Never Set on the British Empire, circa 1937

Themes in Theories of Colonialism and Post-colonialism

bullet Timeline of Gandhi's Life
bullet Timeline of India's History

Victorian and Pre-Victorian Colonial India - The Victorian Web

bullet Vision of India - History
bullet "The Voyage to India and Those Who Influenced It" - an article by Brian Elliott
bullet Western Education in Nineteenth-Century India
bullet "What Happened to India When the British Arrived?
bullet "What Happened to India When the Portuguese Arrived?"
bullet Women of India - excellent links and essays on the subject


bullet 1497-98:  Vasco da Gama - Round Africa to India
bullet 1744-45:  Robert Clive reports his unhappiness in India to a cousin in England (2-16)
bullet 1757:  The Battle of Plassey - Robert Clive
bullet 1757:  Robert Clive reports to his father on his victory over Sirajuddaulah (2-23)
bullet 1772:  Robert Clive's speech in the House of Commons reminiscing about the victory at Plassey
bullet 1773:  Regulating Act
bullet 1784:  Treaty of Mangalore [between Tipu Sultan and the East India Company], 11 March
bullet 1793-94:  The Travels of Dean Mahomet:  An 18c Journey Through India
bullet 1799:  Major Macquaries Journal of the Campaign & Capture of Seringapatam
bullet 1799:  Lachlan Macquarie's Letter from Seedapore
bullet 1809-1919:  Treaties and Agreements relating to Afghanistan [8 documents]
bullet 1820:  Raja Rammohan Roy - On the Practice of Burning Widows Alive
bullet 1829:  Lord William Bentinck on the Suppression of Sati (11/8)
bullet 1833:  Government of India Act
bullet 1833:  Thomas Babington Macaulay, a member of the British Parliament, on India & the Mughal Empire
bullet 1842-2002:  Over 200 documents on the India-Pakistani Conflict from my web page on that topic
bullet 1845:  Declaration of War:  Proclamation by the Governor General of India
bullet 1846:  Treaty between the British Government and the State of Lahore (at mid-page)
bullet 1846:  Treaty between Maharaja Gulab Singh and the Government of India, 16 March
bullet 1846:  Treaty of Amritsar
bullet 1847:  "European Bungalow in Ceylon" - painting by Andrew Nicholl
bullet mid-19c:  On Empire and Education - Thomas Babington Macaulay
bullet 1856:  The Earl of Dalhousie commenting on his administration of India (2/28)
bullet 1857:  An Account of the Opening of the Indian Mutiny at Meerut, 1857 - Elisa Greathed
bullet 1857:  "British India" by Charles Creighton Hazewell in Atlantic Monthly, November
bullet 1857:  Charles Creighton Hazewell, "The Indian Revolt," in Atlantic Monthly, December 1857
bullet 1857:  "Mind and Attitude of the Indian Mutiny" in The Living Age, vol. 55, issue 703 (November 14, 1857)
bullet 1857:  "Misgovernment of India" in The Living Age, vol. 55, issue 698 (October 10, 1857)
bullet 1857:  "Reconquest of India" in The Living Age, vol. 55, issue 699 (October 17, 1857)
bullet 1858:  Government of India Act, 1858 (21 & 22 Vict. c. 106)
bullet 1858:  Petition from the East India Company to Parliament, February
bullet 1858:  Proclamation by the Queen to the Princes, Chiefs, and the People of India, 1 November
bullet 1873:  Anthony Trollope on British Imperialism
bullet 1876:  Toru Dutt - Sonnet
bullet 1879:  "The English in India," by Thomas W. Knox in Harper's New Monthly Magazine, vol. 58, issue 346 (March 1879)
bullet late 19c:  Statistics for the late 19th century British India
bullet 1882:  British India and Its Rulers - Sir Henry Stewart Cunningham, a British official in India
bullet 1884:  "The French in India" by R. W. Shackleton in The New Englander, vol. 43, issue 180 (May 1884)
bullet 1885:  Formation of the Indian National Congress
bullet 1886:  "English Rule in India" by Amrita Lal Roy in The North American Review, vol. 142, issue 353 (April 1886)
bullet 1890-1914:  Treaties and Agreements relating to Tibet [11 documents]
bullet 1892:  "The Duty and Destiny of England in India" by Sir Edwin Arnold in The North American Review, vol. 154, issue 423 (February 1892)
bullet 1892:  George Nathaniel Curzon speaks to the House of Commons on the Indian Councils Bill, 28 March
bullet 1892:  William Ewart Gladstone speaks to the House of Commons on the Indian Councils Bill, 28 March
bullet 1899:  "British Rule in India" by the Rev. D. D. Jones, J. P. in The North American Review, vol. 168, issue 508 (March 1899)        ( Part II )
bullet 1899:  "White Man's Burden" - poem by Rudyard Kipling
bullet early 20c:  Important Documents of the Ghadar Movement
bullet 1902:  The Economic Bases of Imperialism  - John Hobson
bullet 1907:  Address to the Indian National Congress - Bal Gangadhar Tilak
bullet 1908:  The New Nationalist Movement in India - Jabez Sunderland in The Atlantic Monthly, October
bullet 1908:  Reflections on the Indian Mutiny of 1857 - Vincent Arthur Smith, a British Civil Servant in India
bullet 1909:  Indian Councils Act of 1909 (9 Edward 7, Chapter 4)
bullet 1909:  Lord Courtney of Penwith speaks to the House of Lords on the Government of India Bill of 1909, 24 February
bullet 1909:  Viscount Morley of Blackburn speaks to the  House of Lords on the Government of India Bill of 1909, 23 February
bullet 1909:  Indian Home Rule - Mohandas K. Gandhi
bullet 1910-1960:  Sino-Indian Border Dispute Government Documents [10 documents]
bullet 1915:  G. K. Gokhale's Political Testament
bullet 1916:  Lucknow Pact, December
bullet 1916:  Rabindranath Tagore - Once There Was a King
bullet 1918:  Government of India Notification, July
bullet 1918:  Report on Indian Constitutional Reforms by Edwin S. Montagu and Lord Chelmsford
bullet 1919:  Edwin S. Montagu speaks to the House of Commons on the Government of India Bill, 5 June
bullet 1919:  Government of India Act  1919 (9 & 10 Geo. 5, c. 101)
bullet 1919:  Proclamation by the King-Emperor on the Government of India Act, 23 December 1919
bullet 1919:  Report of the Joint Select Committee on the Government of India Bill, 17 November
bullet 1920:  An Indian Nationalist Condemns the British Empire
bullet 1920:  Text of Winston Churchill's July 8th, 1920, British House of Commons, Amritsar Massacre Speech
bullet 1921:  The King-Emperor's Message to the Rulers of the Indian States on the Inauguration of the Chamber of Princes, February
bullet 1932:  To His Jailers - Jawaharlal Nehru
bullet 1935:  Government of India Act
bullet 1940:  Mr. Jinah's Demand for a Separate Homeland for Muslims (3-22)
bullet 1941:  Marxism, Capitalism and Non-Alignment - Jawaharlal Nehru
bullet 1942:  Mohandas K. Gandhi'a speech (excerpts) to the All-India Congress, Bombay (8-7)
bullet 1942:  Orders to American Military Forces in India (8-12)
bullet 1942:  Prime Minister Winston Churchill's announcement to the House of Commons of Sir Stafford Cripps' Mission to India (March 11)
bullet 1942:  Prime Minister Churchill's Report to the House of Commons on the policy of the British Government in India (9-10)
bullet 1942:  Text issued by the government of India of the original "Quit India" resolution drafted by Mohandas K. Gandhi and rejected by the All-India Congress Working Committee in favor of the modified version submitted by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, The Gandhi Draft W
bullet 1946:  British Government Statement: Policy on India
bullet 1947:  Muslim League Attack on Sikhs and Hindus in the Punjab 1947 - Compiled for the SGPC by S. Girbachan Singh Talib
bullet 1947:  Speech On the Granting of Indian Independence - Jawaharlal Nehru