bullet 100 Questions and Answers About Arab Americans
bullet Al-Khwarizmi:  The Father of Algebra
bullet Arabian Culture and Customs

The Arabic Alphabet


Arabic Calligraphy


The Arabic Language (1)

bullet The Arabic Language (2)
bullet Arabic Mathematics
bullet Arabic Numbers
bullet "The Arabic Roots of Medieval European Medicine" - essay by David W. Tschanz
bullet Arabic Writing
bullet "The Art of Algebra from Al-Khwarizmi to Viete: A Study in the Natural Selection of Ideas" - essay by Karen Hunger Parshall (University of Virginia)
bullet The Countries & People of Arabia
bullet Good Cooking - Middle East
bullet "The Historical Development of Islamic Law" - transcript of a lecture by Ahmad Dalla; (14-pg. .pdf file)
bullet Islamic Astronomy
bullet The Islamic Calendar
bullet The Islamic Calendar for North America
bullet Islamic Culture and the Medical Arts
bullet Islamic political philosophy- Al-Farabi, Avicenna, Averroes
bullet The Islamic world—History, Beliefs, and Culture (
bullet Learn Arabic - simple introductory online lessons
bullet Manichaeism
bullet Middle East Food - A wide range of images showing Middle Eastern foods and beverages
bullet The Middle Eastern Cookbook
bullet Middle Eastern Peoples
bullet The Mosque in America:  A National Portrait 2000
bullet Muslim Travelers and Mapmakers during the Middle Ages
bullet Muslim Women, Family, and Marriage in the Middle Ages
bullet National Museum of Saudi Arabia
bullet NITLE Arab World Project
bullet Recipes from the Arab World (Arab Gateway)
bullet Science & Mathematics in Medieval Islamic Cultures
bullet Sports, Games, and Recreation in Medieval Muslim Societies
bullet Timekeeping in Islamic Civilization
bullet The Western Foundations of Liberal Education: The Islamic Legacy
bullet Women in the Arab World (Arab Gateway)
bullet Women in the Middle East
bullet The World of Bedouin Weaving

The Muslim Dynasties:
bullet Arabic Mathematics
bullet The Architecture of Isfahan

History of Islamic Science - Based on the book, Introduction to the History of Scienceby George Sarton (edited and prepared by Prof. Hamed A. Ead)

bullet A History of Medieval Islam (Chapter 9:  The Turkish Iruption) - J. J. Saunders
bullet "Islam in China" - Yusuf Abdul Rahman
bullet "Islam in Peninsular Malaysia"- Hj. Ahmad Kamar
bullet Islamic Culture-  1095-1300
bullet Islamic Culture and the Medical Arts
bullet The Islamic Timeline - Princeton Univ.
bullet Muslim Scientists and Scholars
bullet Muslims (PBS Frontline)
bullet "The Other 1492-the Fall of Muslim Spain" - essay by Greg Noakes
bullet The Travels of Ibn Battuta - A Virtual Tour with the 14th Century Traveler

bullet The Baha'i Faith
bullet Bahá'í International Community
bullet Main Tenets of the Baha'i Faith

bullet American Druze Society
bullet The Druze Faith
bullet The Druzes (Institute of Druze Studies)
bullet Druzenet

bullet About Islam and Muslims
bullet About the Prophet Muhammad
bullet Al-Quran Database
bullet Answering Islam:  A Christian-Muslim Dialog
bullet Biography of the Prophet Muhammad by Dr. A. Zahoor and Dr. Z. Haq
bullet Chronology of Islam
bullet Conversion of Islamic and Christian dates
bullet "Cry of Muslim Women for Equal Rights Is Rising," New York Times, March 9, 1998 - Marelise Simons
bullet Discover Islam - A Poster Exhibit
bullet "Egyptian Court Voids Ban on Cutting of Girls' Genitals," New York Times, June 26, 1997 - Douglas Jehl
bullet Explore Islam
bullet The Five Tenets of Islam
bullet The Fundamentals of Islam (CBS News)
bullet Glimpses of Islamic Civilization
bullet A Glossary of Islamic Terms
bullet Glossary of Islamic Terms and Concepts
bullet The Hajj-  Islam's Journey of Faith (CNN In-Depth)
bullet The Hajj Information Center
bullet Hajj Information on the Net
bullet The Haj Journey
bullet History of Islamic Shrines
bullet The Holy Qur'an Encyclopedia
bullet Images from Islam and Islamic Culture
bullet Index of Mosques and Shrines
bullet An Introduction to Islam - Middle East Institute
bullet "An Introduction to Islam" - essay
bullet Islam (1)
bullet Islam (ABC News)
bullet Islam America
bullet Islam & Islamic Culture - a huge amount of links from my War in Afghanistan page
bullet "Islam and Modern Science" - a lecture by Professor Seyyid
bullet Islam and Women's Rights
bullet Islam:  Empire of Faith (PBS)
bullet Islam for Today
bullet Islam in America - many links
bullet Islam in America - From African Slaves to Malcolm X
bullet Islam in a Comparative Context
bullet Islam in the United States - U. S. State Department
bullet Islam, the Modern World and the West
bullet The Islam Page
bullet Islamic Calendar Converter
bullet Islamic Clip Art
bullet An Islamic Dinner
bullet Islamic Gateway
bullet Islamic Glossary
bullet Islamic Philosophy, Scientific Thought and History
bullet Islamic Server of MSA-USC
bullet Islamic Studies -  Islam, Arabic, and Religion - University of Georgia
bullet Islamic Texts and Resources Pages
bullet Islamic Thought
bullet Islamic Voice
bullet Islam
bullet Jerusalem and Islam
bullet "Jihad--The Teaching of Islam from its Primary Sources, the Qur'an and Hadith" - a study by Rev. Richard P. Bailey
bullet "Jihad Explained" - The Institute of Islamic Information and Education
bullet Lessons from the Qur'an
bullet Maps of Islam's Historical Development
bullet Mecca - About Islam
bullet Mosques Around the World
bullet Muhammad- Legacy of a Prophet (PBS)
bullet Muhammad - Maxime Rodinson (excerpt)
bullet Muhammad: Prophet and Statesman - Montgomery Watt (last chapter)
bullet Muslims (PBS-Frontline)
bullet Naqshbandi-  The Sufi Way
bullet The Nation of Islam Web Site
bullet The Noble Sanctuary:  The Al-Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem
bullet The Origins of Islamic Law
bullet The Practice and Faith of Islam
bullet Purdah
bullet The Qur'an -  an interpretation of the meaning of the Qur'an into English Line by Line
bullet Ramadan Page (
bullet The Religion of Islam - Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia
bullet Resources on Islam
bullet The Rightly-Guided Caliphs [Rashidun]
bullet Sacred Sites of the Middle East
bullet Sayings of the Prophet
bullet Shi'a Encyclopedia v.2.0
bullet The Shi'a Homepage
bullet The Shi'a - Origins of the Sunni-Shi'a schism by Richard Hooker
bullet Shi'ism
bullet Statistics & Information About Islam
bullet Sufism, Sufis, and Sufi Orders
bullet Sunnis and Shi'ites
bullet The Two Faces of Islam
bullet - the Muslim directory online
bullet Understanding Islam
bullet Understanding Islam and Muslims
bullet - An Introduction to Islam
bullet "What is the Koran?" - article in The Atlantic online - January, 1999
bullet Why Islam?
bullet Women in Islam
bullet "Women In Islam Versus Women In The Judaeo-Christian Tradition" - essay by Sherif Abdel Azeem
bullet "Women in Islamic Society" - Prof. Abdur Rahman
bullet "Women in the Qur'an and the Sunnah" - Prof. Abdur Rahman
bullet The World of Islam - master index

bullet Ancient Jewish History (JVL)
bullet The Emergence of Judaism (Fordham University)
bullet Images from Judaism
bullet Jewish Communities of the World
bullet The Jewish Museum
bullet Jewish Mysticism
bullet Jewish Virtual Library
bullet Judaism (1)
bullet Judaism (2) - Beliefnet
bullet Judaism (Columbia University)
bullet Judaism 101
bullet Judaism & Jewish Resources
bullet Judaism in the Modern Age (University of Calgary)
bullet Judaism of the Talmud & Midrash
bullet Lost Tribes of Israel (PBS-NOVA)
bullet Post-Biblical Judaism
bullet Resources on Judaism

bullet Between the Temple Mount and a Hard Place
bullet The Catholic Encyclopedia
bullet Catholic Internet Yellow Pages
bullet Christian Coptic Orthodox Church Of Egypt
bullet Christianity
bullet Christianity - Middle East Network Information Center
bullet Christianity in the Middle East
bullet Christianity in the Middle East (Columbia University web links page)
bullet Early Christian Writings
bullet From Jesus to Christ- the first Christians (PBS)
bullet Guide to Early Church Documents
bullet The Hall of Church History
bullet A History of Christianity in Egypt
bullet History of the Christian Church by the 19c historian, Philip Schaaf
bullet Jerusalem and Christianity
bullet Rediscovering the Teaching of Jesus by Norman Perrin
bullet Resources for the Study of Christian Origins

bullet Information About Zoroastrianism
bullet Teachings of Zarathushtra
bullet World of Traditional Zoroastrianism
bullet Zoroastrianism
bullet Zoroastrianism- An Overview
bullet The Zoroastrian Calendar
bullet Zoroastrianism hub
bullet Zoroastrian Sacred Texts

The Arts - Muslim Dynasties:
bullet Arabic Calligraphy
bullet Arabic Writing & Calligraphy
bullet Art of the Mamluks - A Renaissance of Islam
bullet Empire of the Sultans - Ottoman Art
bullet Exhibition in Images - Persian Splendor
bullet Gallery of Art of the Muslim World
bullet Islamic Architecture (1)
bullet Islamic Architecture (2)
bullet Architecture in the Medieval Islamic Empires
bullet Islamic and Middle Eastern Art during the Middle Ages
bullet Islamic Art - Art Resources on the Net
bullet Islamic Art - an extensive collection (Los Angeles County Museum of Art)
bullet Islamic Art - Los Angeles Museum of Art
bullet Islamic Art - Metropolitan Museum of Art
bullet Islamic Art & Architecture Organization
bullet Islamic Art, Music, and Architecture
bullet Islamic Calligraphy
bullet The Madina Collection of Islamic Art - Los Angeles County Museum of Art
bullet Ottoman Architecture
bullet Persian Art
bullet Safavid Architecture
bullet Symmetry & Pattern:  The Art of Oriental Carpets

bullet Arabian and Persian Poetry
bullet Arabic Literature (1)
bullet Arabic Literature (2)
bullet Arabic Poetry

The Book of the Thousand and One Nights - essay and web site created by John Crocker


Islamic Literature, Poetry, Drama

bullet Literature of the Middle East
bullet Ottoman Lyric Poetry
bullet Sheherazade
bullet Singing His Words- Ottoman Women Poets and the Power of Patriarchy
bullet Turkish Poetry in Translation

bullet Al Mashriq - Middle East Music, Song and Dance
bullet Arab Music (Arab Gateway)



    The Ancient Period:
bullet 1c:  The Works of Flavius Josephus
bullet The Zoroastrian Creed

The Muslim Dynasties:
bullet 10c:  The Poets of Arabia
bullet 1020:  Ibn Sina of Avicenna: 973-1037 CE - On Medicine
bullet 1120:  Omar Khayyam - The Rubiayat
bullet 1198:  License to Venice to Trade With The Saracens - Pope Innocent III
bullet 13c:  Arab Account of the Crusade of St. Louis - Al-Makrisi
bullet 13c:  Ibn Said - Book of the Maghrib
bullet 13c:  Sa'di - Story from the Gulistan
bullet 13c-18c:  Turkish poetry throughout the centuries
bullet 14c:  The Legends & Poetry of The Turks - selections from Ahmedi to Baqi

bullet 632:  The Prophet Muhammad's last sermon
bullet 7c:  The Quran - search engine
bullet 7cSura XXXV from the Quran - "The Creator or the Angels" "The Inevitable"  
bullet 7c:  Selections from the Quran
bullet 7c:  The Sunnah, (traditions of the Prophet Muhammad), excerpts
bullet 8c:  Al-Fiqh al-Akbar - translation of jurist Abu Hanifa's classic statement of Sunni beliefs
bullet 12c:  A Christian-Muslim Debate
bullet 1120:  Profession of Faith - Omar Khayyam
bullet 13c:  Fragment of a 13c Quran (image)
bullet 1885:  A Persian Wedding - Charles James Wills