bullet 300 Tang Poems
bullet The Admiral of the Western Seas - Cheng Ho (Zheng He)
bullet Admiral Zheng's Fleet
bullet Artifacts from Imperial Tombs of China
bullet Beijing:  Glimpses of History
bullet The Boxer Rebellion
bullet The Boxer Rebellion of 1900
bullet Buddhism and Its Spread Along the Silk Road
bullet Buddhist China/Silk Road - images
bullet "Celebrate the Silk Road" - Smithsonian Institution
bullet "China and the Ming Dynasty against the Mongols" - Frank E. Smitha
bullet China and the West - Imperialism, Opium, and Self-Strengthening (1800-1919)
bullet China, Japan, and the West - The Ming, Qing, and the Tokugawa
bullet "China, Monarchy and Confucianism, to 1126" - Frank E. Smitha
bullet China's Dragon Flags of 1872 & 1890
bullet Chinese History - good brief outline notes
bullet Chinese History Links - WWW-VL - extensive links!
bullet The Chinese Virtual History Library - the John Fairbank Memorial Library
bullet "Christianity in Nineteenth-Century China" - Prof. L. K. C. Chan
bullet "Commissioner Lin and the Opium War" - Harrison E. Salisbury (.pdf file)
bullet "East Asia, to 1700" - Frank E. Smitha
bullet The Emperor Wu-ti 140-87 B.C.
bullet Emperors of the Sangoku, the "Three Kingdoms," of India, China, & Japan
bullet The Exoticism in Tang, 618-907
bullet The First Opium War
bullet The Forbidden City - A Virtual Tour
bullet Genghis Khan - biography
bullet "Genghis Khan, the Mongols and Asia, to 1300" - Frank E. Smitha
bullet The Great Chinese Mariner Zheng He [Cheng Ho]
bullet Han Emperor Wu-ti's Interest in Central Asia and Chang Chien's Expeditions
bullet History of China
bullet Images of Shih Huang Ti's Tomb
bullet In the Mountains of Central Asia
bullet Introduction to China's "Golden Age" - the Song, the Mongols (Yuan), and the Ming Voyages
bullet Introduction to the Tang Empire
bullet John of Montecorvino
bullet The Land of Genghis Khan - National Geographic
bullet "The Last Years of Imperial China:  A Multimedia Exhibit" by Jennifer Brainard (HistoryWiz)
bullet The Legacy of Genghis Khan (LACMA)
bullet Legacy of the Mongols
bullet "The Lin Wei-his Affair and Extraterritoriality" - Arthur Waley (.pdf file)
bullet Lost Cities of the Silk Road
bullet MAP-->"China and Japan in the 19c"
bullet MAP-->"Expansion under the Qing dynasty"
bullet MAP-->"Five Dynasties China"
bullet MAP-->"Han Dynasty China"
bullet MAP-->"Imperialism in Asia on the Eve of World War I"
bullet MAP-->"Ming Dynasty China"
bullet MAP-->"The Mongol Empires, 1200-1480"
bullet MAP-->"The Mongol Empires & Marco Polo's Route"
bullet MAP-->"The Mongol Empire in the 13c"
bullet MAP-->"The Portuguese Maritime Empire in Asia
bullet MAP-->"Qing Dynasty China"
bullet MAP-->"Sui Dynasty China"
bullet MAP-->"Song Dynasty China"
bullet MAP-->"Tang China"
bullet MAP-->"Tang Dynasty China"
bullet MAP-->"Yuan Dynasty China"
bullet Marco Polo - biography
bullet Marco Polo and his Travels
bullet Marco Polo and Korkula, His Birthplace
bullet Marco Polo in China (National Geographic)
bullet Maps of the Mongol Empire
bullet Maps of the Silk Road
bullet Miniatures - Mongols and Painting under the Jala'ir
bullet The Ming Dynasty's Maritime History - The European Voyages of Exploration-
bullet The Ming State
bullet Missionaries and Mandarins: The Jesuits in China
bullet Modern Mongolia - Reclaiming Genghis Khan
bullet The Mongol Empire
bullet The Mongols in History
bullet The Mongol Khans
bullet Mongolia: The Legacy of Chinggis Khan - Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
bullet The Mongols in World History
bullet Mr. Dowling's Electronic Library - Chinese History
bullet Old Tientsin, Modern Tianjin
bullet The Opium Trade
bullet "The Pax Mongolica" - essay by Prof. Daniel C. Waugh, University of Washington, Seattle
bullet Persian Art Through the Centuries - The Mongol Il-Khans, 1256-1394
bullet Persian Art Through the Centuries - The Timurids, 1387-1502
bullet The Philately of the Hong Kong Treaty Ports
bullet Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)
bullet The Realm of the Mongols
bullet Riding across Central Asia - Images of the Mongolian Horse in Islamic Art - The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Special Exhibition
bullet Role of the United States Marines During the Relief of Peking, The Boxer Rebellion - 1900 by John W. Guy
bullet Rulers/Kings of China, Southeast Asia, and Japan
bullet Samarkand (1)
bullet Samarkand (2)
bullet The Silk Road (1)
bullet The Silk Road (2)
bullet The Silk Road (3)
bullet The Silk Road - good overview
bullet Silk Road Detailed Timeline
bullet Silk Road Encounters
bullet The Silk Road Foundation
bullet The Silk Road Seattle Project
bullet Silk Road Timeline
bullet The Song Dynasty in China
bullet Splendors of Imperial China: Treasures from the National Palace Musuem on
bullet Tang China - many images of art and architecture
bullet Terra Cotta Warriors of the Qin Dynasty

The Splendors of Imperial China: Treasures from the National Palace Museum, Taipei

bullet T'ien Ming - The Mandate of Heaven
bullet Time Line of Silk Road
bullet Tzu Hsi, Empress of China
bullet U.S. Navy's Yangtze Patrol - 1854-1941
bullet Virtual Mongol
bullet A Visual Sourcebook of Chinese Civilization
bullet Warring States tomb of Marquis Yi
bullet Western Missionaries in China - Chronology
bullet Xi'an


bullet History of Korea - UC Berkeley
bullet Korea -- The Age of Imperialism
bullet Korea -- Conquest & Division - China and Korea
bullet Korea in East Asian and World History
bullet Korean History Project - "In the Eye of the Tiger"
bullet Rulers of Ancient Korea


bullet Formosa:  19c Images
bullet Taiwan's 400 Years of History


bullet Brief History of Tibet
bullet Tibetan Timeline


bullet 13c?:  Selections from the Tarikh-i-Rashidi by Mirza Muhammad Haidar, Dughlat
bullet 13c:  William of Rubruck - medieval monk sent by the Pope to investigate Mongol society
bullet 1280:  Brother John of Monte Corvino - Letter to the Minister General of the Friars Minor in Rome
bullet 1300:  The Glories of Kinsay [Hangchow] - Marco Polo
bullet 1305:  John of Monte Corvino, Franciscan Priest - Report from China
bullet early 14c:  Marco Polo on the Tatars
bullet 1325-54:  Travels in Asia and Africa - Ibn Batutta in China
bullet 1340:  Pegolotti's Merchant Handbook
bullet 1594:  The Journey of Benedict GoŽs Overland from India to China
bullet 1662:  Treaty between Koxinga and the Dutch Government
bullet 1670:  K'ang-Hsi - The Sacred Edicts
bullet 1793:  Emperor Ch'-ien lung's letter to King George III
bullet early 19c:  The Canton System of Trade
bullet 1810-11:  Attempts to Control the Opium Trade
bullet 1820s?:  Memorial to the Emperor proposing the Legalization of Opium Imports
bullet 1828:  Li Ju-chen - The Land of the Great
bullet 1836:  Memorial against the Admission of Opium to China
bullet 1840:  Commissioner Lin and the Opium Merchants
bullet 1840:  Commissioner Lin's letter to Queen Victoria
bullet 1841:  Captain Charles Elliot, the British Chief Superintendent of Trade - Elliot's Proclamation Concerning Britain's Occupation of Hong Kong
bullet 1842 The Treaty of Nanking
bullet 1844:  Advice of Imperial Commissioner Ch'i-ying on how to treat the foreigners
bullet 1844:  The Cushing Mission - Negotiating the U.S.-China treaty
bullet 1849:  Hong Kong Governor Bonham to British Minister Lord Grey
bullet 1857:  U.S. Envoy William Reed on Trade Grievances
bullet 1858:  On Managing the Barbarians in time of crisis
bullet 1858:  The Treaty of Tientsin (G.B./China)
bullet 1858:  The Treaty of Tientsin (U.S./China)
bullet 1874:  Engagement Between Japan and China Respecting Formosa
bullet 1881:  Statement of His Excellency Governor Sir John Pope Hennessy, KCMG, on the Census Returns and the Progress of the Colony of Hong Kong
bullet 1899:  First "Open Door Note"
bullet 1900:  Allied Forces Invade China to Relieve Foreign Legations During Boxer Rebellion - Allied Proclamation to the Inhabitants of Tianjin (Tientsin)
bullet 1900:  Fei Ch'i-haos account of the Boxer Rebellion
bullet 1900:  Yao Chen-Yuan - My Adventures During the Boxer War
bullet 1901:  The Boxer Protocol
bullet 1909:  A Parliament for China - Paul S. Reinsch in The Atlantic Monthly, December
bullet 1912:  Proclamation of The Abdication of the Manchus
bullet 1913:  A Plea for the Recognition of the Chinese Republic - Ching Chun Wang in The Atlantic Monthly, January