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bullet African Food Recipes - The Congo Cookbook
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bullet African Recipes by Country
bullet African Women Global Network
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bullet The Artistry of African Currency - Smithsonian National Gallery of African Art
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bullet Ibn Battuta:  The Great Traveller
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bullet Odyssey Online - "Africa" (Emory Univ.)
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bullet "The Status of African Women [in traditional African cultures]" - lecture (Wallace Mills - St. Mary's University, Canada)


    The Arts:
bullet Africa:  The Art of a Continent - The Guggenheim Museum
bullet African Art:  Aesthetics & Meaning
bullet African Art: Information on Ethnic groups- Woods Collection
bullet African Art - extensive collection (Los Angeles County Museum of Art)
bullet African Art - Mead Art Museum (Amherst College)
bullet African Art (Morocco) - many, many images (Berger Foundation)
bullet African Rock Art
bullet Ancient Egyptian and Nubian Art
bullet a-piece-of-Africa - African art and craft
bullet Art and Oracle- A Scholarly Resource of African Art and Rituals of Divination
bullet The Art of the African Mask
bullet Artcyclopedia -- The Arts of Africa
bullet The Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas - Metropolitan Museum of Art
bullet Art of Central Africa - many images
bullet The Art of the Personal Object - Smithsonian National Gallery of African Art
bullet The Baobab Project: Sources and Studies in African Visual Culture from the Department of Fine Arts, Harvard University
bullet Cutting to the Essence, Shaping for the Fire - Yoruba and Akan Art
bullet Gallery of Sub-Saharan African Art (Cleveland Museum of Art)
bullet Gifts and Blessings- Textile Arts of Madagascar - Smithsonian National Gallery of African Art
bullet In the Presence of Spirits- African Art from the National Museum of Ethnology, Lisbon
bullet Magical Faces of Africa - masks
bullet The Museum for African Art (NYC)
bullet Nok, Egypt, and African Arts in the Axial Age [1000 B.C.E.-600 C.E.]
bullet Smithsonian National Museum of African Art
bullet Sub-Saharan African Art - Michael C. Carlos Museum
bullet West African Masks - NOVICA (commercial site)
bullet Women in African Art

bullet African Music: A Historical Perspective
bullet The African Music Encyclopedia
bullet Audible Artworks- Selected African Musical Instruments - Smithsonian National Gallery of African Art
bullet International Library of African Music - with many sound files
bullet Music in Africa Today

    Traditional Societies:

African Nomads (1)   (2)


Algeria: A Trip to the World of Tuaregs


Berber Images (1)    (2)

bullet Children of East Africa
bullet Current Trends Among the San of Southern Africa
bullet "Daily Life in Sierra Leone - The Sherbro in 1936-37"
bullet The Dogon People of the Sahel
bullet Kenyan History and Culture
bullet The Masai Eunoto (8/4/2000) - TIME Europe - Photo Essay
bullet The Masai People (1)    (2)
bullet The Masai Tribe
bullet Masailand: Pride of Africa
bullet Moroccan Gateway- the Berbers
bullet "Nomads by Choice: Western Tip of the Sahara" (Washington Post)
bullet One God and Many Deities (BBC)
bullet Peoples of Africa (1)
bullet Peoples of Africa (2)
bullet People of the Savanna
bullet "Ritual Messengers: African Treasures" from the Tervuren Museum, Belgium
bullet The Rock Art of the San People
bullet The San Tribe
bullet South African San
bullet Touaregs
bullet The Tuaregs (.pdf file)
bullet The World of the Mande: History, Art and Ritual In the Mande Culture
bullet The World of the Yoruba

bullet 20c African poets
bullet About Griots - Paul Oliver
bullet African Proverbs (19c)
bullet African Storytelling:  Oral Traditions
bullet Chinua Achebe
bullet Tales, Fables, and Stories from Africa


African Animism

bullet African Traditional Religions
bullet Christianity in Africa (BBC)
bullet A History of Christianity in Egypt
bullet A History of the Christian Church in Sub-Saharan Africa (Bethel College & Seminary)
bullet The Holy Land - Ethiopia: An Ancient Legacy of Christianity (PBS Online's Wonders of the African World with Henry Louis Gates, Jr., 1999)
bullet Islam in Africa (BBC)   -   Timeline  -   Glossary of Terms Pertaining to Islam
bullet "Religion in Africa" - lecture
bullet Ritual Messengers- African Treasures from the Tervuren Museum, Belgium



bullet African Myths
bullet 19c:  African Proverbs