• TB --> pp.  241 - 245;  263 - 264.
  • Excerpts from the History Channel's series on the Crusades.                             




  • To explain the meaning of the term, crusade, in its religious and historical context.
  • To identify the immediate and long-range causes of the Crusades.
  • To describe the reasons why each of the following groups supported the Crusades:  the Pope, medieval knights, merchants.
  • To analyze the various Crusades and to identify those that were most successful for the Crusaders and those that were successful for the Muslim defenders.
  • To explain why interest in crusading decreased after 1200.
  • To identify and discuss the important consequences of the Eastern Crusades for the Europeans, the Pope, the Byzantine Empire, and the Middle East.
  • To explain the term Reconquista.
  • To discuss reasons why the position of Spanish Muslims and Jews changed in the late 15c.




  Pope Urban II   crusade   jihad
  Acre   Saladin   Richard the Lionheart
  Reconquista   Ferdinand & Isabella   Moriscos
  Maranos   Spanish Inquisition


Multiple Choice