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  • Slides of Medieval art and architecture.                      




  • To identify reasons why an interest in learning was revived in Western Europe in the 12c.
  • To explain why learning was difficult for students in a medieval university.
  • To list the steps necessary in becoming a teacher/scholar in medieval Europe.
  • To explain how scholars in 12c-13c Western Europe became familiar with writings of the ancient Greeks.
  • To analyze the role played by the writing and ideas of St. Thomas Aquinas in medieval scholarship.
  • To describe the process by which a young nobleman learned to become a medieval knight.
  • To list the requirements of the chivalric code.
  • To explain why there was such an interest in poems of romantic love during the High Middle Ages.
  • To analyze the ways in which the role of upper class women changed during the High Middle Ages.
  • To describe the major differences between Romanesque and Gothic architecture.




  "Renaissance of the 12c"   universitas   bachelor's degree   master's degree
  master's thesis   St. Thomas Aquinas   Summa Theologiae   vernacular
  chansons de geste   Song of Roland   chivalry   troubadour
  page   squire   heraldry   knight
  joust   Eleanor of Aquitaine   Romanesque   Gothic
  flying buttress   gargoyle


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