• To describe THREE improvements in farming that took place in the Middle Ages.
  • To explain how each improvement in farming helped to increase the food supply.
  • To identify the reasons for the rise of towns during the High Middle Ages.
  • To explain why townspeople made up a new social class in medieval society.
  • To identify the social, political, and economic position that Jews had in medieval European society.
  • To analyze the reasons for the persecution of Jews in medieval Europe.
  • To explain why it was no longer necessary for manors to be self-sufficient.
  • To identify some of the main trade centers of the High Middle Ages.
  • To list some of the regulations imposed by the guilds on their members.
  • To distinguish between a merchant guild and a craft guild.
  • To compare and contrast life on the manor with life in the medieval town.
  • To explain how townspeople became independent of the feudal system.


  three-field system   fallow   burghers   bourgeoisie
  usury   scapegoat   stereotype   "shylock"
  pogrom   artisans   medieval fair   guild
  "just" price   monopoly   apprentice   journeyman
  master piece   town charter


Multiple Choice