• To list reasons why feudalism developed in medieval Europe.
  • To identify the duties and obligations that the feudal lord and his vassal owed to each other.
  • To be able to draw a chart which shows the feudal power "pyramid" social hierarchy.
  • To describe the methods of warfare that encouraged the growth of feudalism.
  • To explain how feudal warfare was different from the ancient/classical period.
  • To analyze the role of aristocratic women and church leaders in the feudal system.
  • To list some of the peacetime duties of a vassal.
  • To describe the role of the peasant in feudal society.
  • To identify the duties and obligations which peasants owed to the lord of the manor and what the lord owed to them.
  • To explain reasons why the medieval manor was a self-sufficient economic unit.



  feudalism   feudal lord   vassal   feudal contract
  fief   investiture   subinfeudation   knight
  trial by combat   trial by ordeal   lord's desmesne   bailiff
  shire reeve [sheriff]   serf   manor


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