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  • To explain how it was possible for kings to increase their power in medieval Europe after the year 1000.
  • To show how William the Conqueror laid the basis for strong central government in England.
  • To discuss the reasons why Henry II's royal courts strengthened the king's power over his lords.
  • To list the facts which favored the rise of the Capetian dynasty in medieval France.
  • To describe how Otto the Great made the crown stronger than the German nobles and identify his successes and failures in this effort.
  • To identify and analyze Frederick Barbarossa's methods in trying to limit the power of the German princes.
  • To analyze the reasons why the medieval German kings failed to unite their country.


  Normans   William the Conqueror   King Harold Godwinson   Battle of Hastings
  Bayeux Tapestry   Henry II of England   Thomas a Beckett   juree
  common law   Hugh Capet   Capetians   Otto the Great
  Frederick Barbarossa   Holy Roman Empire   Battle of Legnano  



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