• TB --> pp. 200 - 205.
  • CDs of Gregorian Chant music.
  • Pamphlet from the Cloisters [Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC].



  • To describe how civilization declined following the collapse of the Western Roman Empire.
  • To identify the THREE roots of medieval culture in Western Europe.
  • To show how the Germanic ideas of government differed from the Roman ideas.
  • To explain how Christianity spread during the Early Middle Ages.
  • To evaluate the role that Clovis' conversion played in the spread of Christianity among the Franks.
  • To analyze the role played by St. benedict in the development of the monastic system throughout Medieval Western Europe.
  • To describe the way of life in a medieval monastery.
  • To discuss the importance of medieval monasteries to the preservation of Western civilization.
  • To list the achievements of Pope Gregory I.
  • To support the following statement:  The Roman Catholic Church became an increasingly powerful and unifying force in medieval Europe.



  medieval   "Dark Ages"   trial by ordeal   trial by combat
  Patrick of Ireland   Clovis   Arianism   heretic
  St. Benedict   monastic vows   hermit   abbot
  abbess   Book of Kells   illuminated manuscript   scriptorium


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