• TB --> pp. 194 - 197.
  • Slides of Russian churches and Islamic Turkish art and architecture.

  • To discuss ways in which the Byzantine Empire influenced Slavic culture.
  • To explain the role of the Cyrillic alphabet and the Christianization of the Slavic people.
  • To trace the development of the early Russian princely states.
  • To analyze the culture of the early Turkic peoples of Central Asia (Seljuk and Ottoman Turks).
  • To discuss the influence of Islam on these early Turkic peoples.
  • To explain the reasons why the Ottoman Turks were finally able to conquer what was left of the Byzantine Empire.

  heterogeneous   homogeneous   polyglot   Rus
  Saint Cyril   Saint Methodius   Cyrillic alphabet   Novgorod
  Kiev   Prince Vladimir   Princess Olga   Seljuk Turks
  Battle of Manzikert   Osman   Ottoman Turks   ghazi
  Constantine XI   Istanbul   Sultan

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