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  • To explain the general attitude that the Roman government took toward most religions.
  • To show why Judaism and Christianity did not fit into the Roman Empire.
  • To explain the relationship between Rome and the Jews in Judea in the 1c CE.
  • To summarize the major religious ideas of Jesus Christ.
  • To discuss reasons why Christianity appealed to so many different people/groups within the Roman Empire.
  • To analyze the importance of Paul to the spreading of Christianity throughout the Roman Empire.
  • To be able to show visually [through some graphic organizer] the hierarchical structure of the early Christian church.
  • To explain how and why the Roman government attacked Christianity.



  Gospel   apostle   Epistles   Beatitudes
  messiah   Christos   Herod   Zealots
  Masada   Dead Sea Scrolls   Diaspora   Petrine Succession
  bishop   pope   martyr


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