• To identify the reasons why the plebeians were dissatisfied with Rome's government in the early years of the Republic.
  • To explain how the plebeians won reforms and list the changes brought about in Roman government and society by these reforms.
  • To describe the major characteristics of the Roman government during the Republic.
  • To compare and contrast the attitudes of the Romans and the Athenians regarding the extension of their citizenship to other conquered peoples.
  • To describe the characteristics and major distinctions between the three Punic Wars.
  • To support or refute the following statement:  The battle of Zama was a turning point in history.
  • To analyze reasons why Rome became more ruthless in her treatment of conquered peoples as her Mediterranean empire grew.


  S. P. Q. R.   Twelve Tables   consul   veto
  dictator   Cincinnatus   "Pyrrhic Victory"   Punic
  mercenary   Scipio [Africanus]   Hannibal   Cannae
  Zama   Cato   fas   jus civiles
  jus gentium   Italic Rights   praetors   censors



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