• TB --> pp. 155 - 160.
  • Slides of Roman art & architecture.                                         
  • Create a web showing how the Romans extended Greek culture.

  • To show why Epicureanism and Stoicism were popular philosophies in the Roman Empire and were well-suited to Roman traditions.
  • To explain how Roman literature changed from the time of Augustus to the Silver Age.
  • To restate in your own words the major ideas/principles of Roman law.
  • To describe some of the differences between the lives of the rich and the poor during the Roman Empire.
  • To discuss ways in which the Roman government took relatively good care of the poor.

  Epicureanism   Stoicism   Zeno   Marcus Aurelius
  Livy   Virgil   The Aeneid   "Silver Age"
  satire   Juvenal   Tacitus   villa



Multiple Choice