• Create an "Opposing Views" CHART on the Athenians and the Spartans.

  • Create a "Compare/Contrast" CHART on Athenian and Spartan culture/lifestyles. 


  • To discuss reasons why the polis was so important to the Greeks.
  • To understand how the Iron Age helped ordinary citizens to gain power in Greece.
  • To explain how the rule of the tyrants was different from that of the aristocracy.
  • To be able to explain how the origins of Sparta differed from that of Athens.
  • To list reasons why a revolt was a constant threat in Sparta and only somewhat of a 
    threat in early early Athens.
  • To describe the ways in which both Sparta and Athens responded to this threat.
  • To be able to trace the evolution of Athenian democracy from Solon to Pericles.
  • To analyze the strengths and limitations of Athenian "direct" democracy.
  • To explain the differences between Athenian democracy and American democracy today.
  • To analyze the role of women in ancient Greek society and the reasons for their subordination.
  • To list the causes of the Persian War.
  • To explain the consequences of the Persian War for Greece, especially for the Athenians.


  polis (polei)   acropolis   aristocracy   tyrant
  hoplite   phalanx   helot   direct democracy
  indirect democracy   Solon   Cleisthenes   Pericles
  Herodotus   Darius the Great   Xerxes   Thermopylae
  marathon   Battle of Salamis   ostracism  


  Add the following to the map of the Balkan
  Peninsula/Eastern Mediterranean:

  • Thermopylae
  • Salamis
  • Marathon



Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice