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  • To explain how Rome's victory in the Punic Wars created conditions that led to the end of the Roman Republic.
  • To discuss ways in which slavery undermined Roman society.
  • To identify the reforms that the Gracchi Brothers tried to make and to evaluate their success or failure.
  • To explain how military leaders were able to gain political power in Rome.
  • To describe the main cause and the long-term effects of Marius' decision to allow the roman poor to enlist in the army.
  • To list and analyze the accomplishments of Julius Caesar.
  • To analyze the methods used by Octavian Augustus to gain power.
  • To identify the major events which led to changing Rome from a republic to one-man rule.

  latifundia   proletariat   booty   gladiator
  tribune   Spartacus   Gracchi Brothers   Marius
  Sulla   Julius Caesar   Ides   "Crossing the Rubicon"
  First Triumvirate   Second Triumvirate   Cleopatra   Mark Antony
  Actium   Augustus


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