• TB --> pp. 164 - 169.                           
  • Create a compare / contrast chart based on the DOC reading above entitled:  "The Han Empire vs. the Roman Empire".  
    This assignment will be handed in for a grade of 10 points.

  • Create a S. P. E. R. M. chart entitled:  "Reasons for the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.



  • To identify the three major chronological stages of the decline of the Roman Empire.
  • To list the major social, political, economic, religious, and military [S. P. E. R. M.] reasons for the collapse of the Western Roman Empire by the end of the 5c CE.
  • To analyze the causes of inflation in the Empire and its effect on Roman society and trade.
  • To explain how Rome's army had changed since the days of the Republic.
  • To identify the reforms initiated by the Emperor Diocletian and show how they were carried out.
  • To analyze the important political and religious changes brought about by Constantine the Great.
  • To list the major advantages that Byzantium/Constantinople had over Rome by the 
    4c CE.
  • To explain how the Germanic tribes were successful in invading the Roman Empire by the early 5c CE, but were less successful in previous centuries.



  Commodus   inflation   mercenaries   quotas
  Diocletian   Constantine the Great   Milvian Bridge   Edict of Milan
  Theodosius   Constantinople   vandal     Attila
  Huns   Romulus Augustulus   Odoacer   476 C.E.


Multiple Choice