• TB --> pp. 376 - 382.
  • CHART --> "The Geneology of the British Monarchy:  Tudors to Hanoverians."

  • DBQ on the Protestant Reformation and the Catholic Counter-Reformation.


  • To identify the events which led Martin Luther to take a stand against the Catholic Church.
  • To list Luther's major ideas and beliefs.
  • To discuss the significance of the Edict of Worms and the reasons for its lack of success.
  • To explain the reasons for the peasant revolt in the mid-1520s and Luther's response to it.
  • To support the following statement with specific facts:  German nationalism and the ambitions of the German princes affected the spread of Luther's ideas.
  • To analyze the connection between Henry VIII's marital troubles and the creation of the Church of England [Anglican Church].
  • To identify the changes which Henry VIII made in the English Church and the additional changes made by his children.
  • To list the major beliefs of John Calvin.
  • To explain how Calvin's theology was different from that of Luther.
  • To describe the roles played by Mary Stuart and John Knox in establishing Calvinism in Scotland.
  • To explain the dilemma that many people faced in the 1500s as reflected in Thomas More's dying words:  I die the king's good servant, but God's first.


  indulgence   Johann Tetzel   Martin Luther   95 Theses
  Papal bull   excommunication   Edict of Worms   vernacular
  Habsburgs   Charles V   Protestant   "Defender of the Faith"
  Henry VIII (Eng.)   Act of Supremacy   "Bloody Mary" I (Eng.)   John Calvin
  the "elect"   predestination   theocracy   presbyters
  Presbyterians   John Knox   Mary Stuart (Scot.)   Huguenots


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