• To explain what archaeological excavations have revealed about Old Stone Age and New Stone Age peoples in China.
  • To be able to discuss the importance of family and kinship in the ancient Chinese state and in Chinese society.
  • To describe ways in which the Shang Dynasty was a formative period in Chinese society.
  • To explain the Chinese concept of the "Mandate of Heaven" and the role it played in the dynastic cycle of Chinese history.
  • To understand the role of women in the traditional Chinese society of this early period.
  • To describe how the Chinese writing system evolved and is different from our own.
  • To explain how the Chinese writing system helped to unify the Chinese people.
  • To compare the social classes of ancient China with the caste system in India and be able to explain the underlying principles of each and the consequences for the individual in each.   {Create a CHART}


  Peking Man   Bronze Age China   Mandate of Heaven   Xia "Dynasty"
  Anyang   pictograph   ideograph   phonetic alphabet
  monosyllabic   polysyllabic   oracle bones   divination
  dynastic cycle   pinyin   shaman


       On a map of China, locate and label the area of the earliest Yellow River
  culture in one color and the area of Shang China in another (** Be sure to
  include a small color key in the lower left-hand part of your map **).

       Also locate and label the early capital of the Shang Dynasty at Anyang.

       Do a neat job, as you will be adding to this map as we study future
  Chinese dynasties!



Multiple Choice



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