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  • To be able to identify the five key traits of a civilization and explain how that would apply to any civilization studied this year.
  • To discuss ways in which Sumer's civilization was shaped by solving its three major geographic problems.
  • To explain the effect of the emergence of a priestly class in Sumerian society.
  • To be able to trace the steps in the development of writing by the Sumerians.
  • To be able to justify the theory that history begins at Sumer.


  Mesopotamia   civilization   city-state   scribe   artisan
  surplus   cuneiform   stylus   pictograph   ideogram
  barter   ziggurat   polytheism   monotheism  anthropomorphic
  Epic of
  myth   proverb


  Be able to find and identify the following on a map of
  the Fertile Crescent region of the Middle East:
  • Mediterranean Sea
  • Black Sea
  • Caspian Sea
  • Mesopotamia
  • Tigris River
  • Euphrates River
  • Sumer
  • Ur
  • Lagash
  • Uruk
  • Kish
  • Nippur
  • Babylon
  • Zagros Mountains
  • Arabian Desert
  • Persian Gulf
  • Asia Minor



Multiple Choice - 1



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