• TB --> pp. 87;  89-91.
  • READING --> "The Plight of the Peasant" [questions to accompany this reading].


  • To understand how the use of iron changed Chinese life.
  • To explain the characteristics of Chinese feudalism during the Chou [Zhou] period.
  • To explain how people living in urban areas of China built walls around their cities.
  • To describe the ways in which the traditional way of life in China was badly shaken during the late Chou [Zhou] period.
  • To explain how the disunity of the later Chou [Zhou] period paved the way for the unity brought about by the state of Ch'in [Qin].
  • To list the contributions of the Ch'in [Qin] emperor Shih-Huang Ti [Shihuangdi] and the methods he used to strengthen the Chinese state.


  Iron Age China   feudalism   "Time of the Warring States"   Shih-Huang Ti
  nepotism   civil service   Great Wall of China


  On the general map of Asia used in the last topic, continue to locate
  and label the borders of the Chou [Zhou] and Ch'in [Qin] Empires.
  Also show the extent of the Great Wall on this map.



Multiple Choice



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