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  • To be able to create a hierarchical chart depicting the social classes in ancient Egypt.
  • To identify the major religious beliefs of the ancient Egyptians.
  • To discuss how the belief in the afterlife affected Egyptian religious ideas and funeral practices.
  • To analyze the nature of the power held by priests and scribes in the Egyptian religion.
  • To explain how Egyptian temple and tomb art reflected their religious values.
  • To describe the similarities and/or differences between the Mesopotamian and ancient Egyptian systems of writing.
  • To explain the position of women in ancient Egyptian society and to show how that role differed from that in most other ancient societies.
  • To list some of the scientific achievements of the ancient Egyptians.
  • To identify the most important contributions of the ancient Egyptians to world civilization and to describe which aspects of this legacy, if any, are still visible today.


  maat   ka   Osiris   Isis
  Amon-Re   Horus   Devourer of Souls   Book of the
  Aton   ankh   Tutankhamon   hieroglyphics   Rosetta
  papyrus   sarcophagus   Jean Francois
  Valley of the


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