• CHART --> Fill out a Religions/Philosophies profile chart
                     for Confucianism, Taoism, and Legalism.


  • To assume the persona of a Confucianist, or a Taoist, or a Legalist and be able to discuss their basic religious/philosophical beliefs and explain how your view is different from the other two.
  • To explain how the five-class hierarchy in ancient Chinese society promoted harmony and balance.
  • To understand how the Chinese concept of "Heaven" differs from the Judeo-Christian views of God.
  • To analyze reasons why the period of classical Chinese thought coincided with the turbulent era known as the "Time of the Warring States."
  • To list some of the important Taoist inventions and describe how they were used.
  • To describe the steps necessary to become a scholar-official and to analyze their importance to the Chinese imperial governments.
  • To explain why Confucian scholars looked down upon Taoism.
  • To explain how the teachings of Confucius, Lao-Tzu, and Mencius affected the power of rulers.


  ethics   filial piety   hierarchy   Kung Fu-Tzu   Analects
  "Golden Rule"   Five Relationships   jen   Legalism   Mencius
  Lao-Tzu   Tao   Tao Te Ching   yin   yang


  On a BLANK map of Asia [using different colors as indicated
  below], color in the areas where the following religions
  • Confucianism [red]
  • Buddhism [blue]
  • Taoism [yellow]
  • Hinduism [purple]
  • Islam [green]
  • Shintoism [orange]
  • Christianity [brown]

  Refer to an atlas in the library which has a map that shows the
  location of the distribution of religious believers throughout the



Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice



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