• TB --> pp. 248 - 254;  261 - 265.
  • READING --> "The Magna Carta."   
  • READING --> "U. S. Bill of Rights."                                     


  • To know the meaning of the term "nationalism" and to explain how it shattered the power of the two great medieval institutions of the church and of feudalism.
  • To explain why King John's defeats in France proved to be gains for England in the long run.
  • To identify the original purpose of the Magna Carta.
  • To describe what is meant by the phrase "the right of due process of law."
  • To list the basic rights that the Magna Carta guaranteed and to show how it affected the king's power.
  • To explain how Edward I changed the makeup of England's Parliament.
  • To identify the differences between the British House of Lords and the House of Commons.
  • To show how the power of the middle classes was growing in late medieval England.
  • To use facts to support the following statement:  While England was limiting the power of its kings during the Late Middle Ages, the French kings were increasing their power.
  • To show how each of the following French kings increased royal power--Philip II (Augustus), Louis IX, and Philip IV.
  • To explain how the British Parliament and the French Estates General were the same and how they were different.
  • To describe ways in which the new monarchs of the Late Middle Ages strengthened their powers.
  • To list the major accomplishments of Charles VIII (France).
  • To explain why Louis XI (France) had the nickname "The Spider King."
  • To describe reasons why Louis XI and his successors had more power than English rulers of the same period.
  • To analyze the part played by the middle class in King Henry VII's (England) government.
  • To list the methods used by Henry VII to keep the peace within his kingdom.
  • To explain the importance of the marriage of Ferdinand and Isabella to the development of the Spanish nation.
  • To identify the methods used in late medieval Spain to increase and solidify the power of the monarchs.


  nationalism   Runnymeade   Magna Carta   due process  
  limited monarchy   burgesses   Model Parliament   writ
  House of Lords   House of Commons   Parlement of Paris   Estates General
  1st, 2nd, 3rd. Estates   nation-state    Cortes   taille
  gabelle   War of the Roses   Court of Star Chamber   Reconquista
  Inquisition   tonnage & poundage   mercenaries   Maranos

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