• To analyze the importance of the gold-salt trade to the development of West Africa between 300 and 1600 C. E.
  • To explain how Ghana's rulers maintained their empire.
  • To list the major achievements of Mansa Musa.
  • To describe the role which Ibn Battuta played in the history of Africa and the medieval Muslim world.
  • To explain why Sunni Ali and Askia Muhammad were considered to be two extraordinary rulers of Songhai.
  • To identify the causes of the fall of the Songhai Empire.
  • To describe the importance of Timbuktu to trans-Saharan Africa.
  • To discuss the reasons why Ghana, Mali, and Songhai  could be called the "Kingdoms of Wealth and Splendor."


  savanna   Tuaregs   Sominke     the Ghana
  Berbers   Mandingo   Sundiata   Mali
  Mansa Musa   Ibn Battuta   Songhai   Sunni Ali
  Askia Muhammad   Timbuktu

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