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  • "Suttee" scene from the film, "The Far Pavilions."                                    


  • To explain how Gupta rule affected northern India.
  • To discuss reasons why few Indian scholars kept written records of current events.
  • To identify some of the key achievements in the arts and sciences under the Gupta rulers.
  • To describe the characteristics of Indian drama.
  • To list the virtues expected of a man and a woman in the Rajput kingdoms of northern India.
  • To analyze the ways in which Buddhism was incorporated into Hinduism during the 9c and 10c.
  • To explain the origins of the fierce rivalry and hatred between Hindus and Muslims.


  Chandra Gupta   itihas   Sanskrit   Nalanda
  "Arabic" numerals   Ajanta temples   Kalidasa   Rajputs
  suttee   Mahmud of Ghazni   Delhi Sultanate

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