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  • To list the accomplishments of the Sui Dynasty.
  • To explain the importance of the Sui Dynasty in Chinese history.
  • To describe China under the rule of Empress Wu Chao.
  • To analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the civil service system during the T'ang Dynasty.
  • To identify the major characteristics of classical Chinese poetry.
  • To explain how China, under the T'ang emperors, reached a new "Golden Age".
  • To analyze the reasons why the T'ang dynasty lost power by the late 9c.
  • To describe the policy of the Sung emperors toward the Tatars and the Hsia.
  • To compare and contrast the capital cities of the T'ang [Ch'ang-an] Dynasty with 
    that of the Sung [Hangchow].
  • To list the major inventions developed by the Chinese during the T'ang and Sung Dynasties.



  Grand Canal   Yang-Ti   Empress Wu Chao   scholar-gentry
  Li Po   Tu Fu   Tatars   Ch'ang-an
  Hangchow   porcelain   Pi Sheng   movable type


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