• TB --> pp. 16-20.                    
  • How Man Evolved (Time, August 23, 1999).      


  • To explain the differences between prehistoric and historic time.
  • To discuss the difficulties that archaeologists/paleontologists have in reconstructing prehistoric times.
  • Be able to list the physical traits that set humans apart from other animals.
  • Be able to explain the evolutionary anatomical changes and characteristics of Homo habilis and Homo erectus.
  • To explain how recent fossil discoveries have altered our conception of human origins.


  hominid   Australopithecines   Homo habilis   Homo erectus
  Homo sapiens sapiens   "Lucy"   bi-pedality    Homo sapiens
  radiocarbon dating   potassium-argon  dating   fossil   artifact
  pre-history   Paleolithic   Mesolithic   Neolithic
  nomads   pastoralists   domestication
  culture   matriarchy   patriarchy   Jarno
  archaeologist   anthropologist   paleontologist   animal


Be able to find and identify the following on a map of Africa:  

  • Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania
  • Great Rift Valley



Multiple Choice