The Gupta Empire in India (1)

Select the correct choice 

1The Gupta Empire enjoyed a "Golden Age" in part because of the?:
spread of Buddhism.
general peace and prosperity of the times.
invention of the decimal system.
power of the Delhi Sultans.

2The Gupta Empire of India tried to bring about unity by?:
promoting Hindu culture exclusively.
abolishing the caste system.
conquering Chinese territory.
enforcing the code of Bushido.

3The Hindu custom of suttee encouraged widows to?:
remarry after a period of mourning.
kill themselves.
assume control of the entire family fortune.
seek a new life in another village.

4During the Gupta Empire, Indian customs and culture were spread throughout Southeast Asia and China by?:
scholars who studied at the Indian universities and took home new ideas and ways of living.
Indian workers who traveled to different areas to find work.
traders who took new ideas and ways of living to their homes in China and Southeast Asia.
military conquest of China and Southeast Asia by the armies of the Gupta emperors.

5One of the major cultural contributions of the Gupta Dynasty was that it made one language the language of Indian literature. That language was?:

6Perhaps the greatest contribution of the Gupta Dynasty in mathematics and science was the discovery of?:
the telescope.
the laws of gravity.
calculus and the laws of motion.
the concept of zero and the decimal system.

7One of the great cultural figures of the Gupta period was Kalidasa. His name should be associated with?:
painting and architecture.
poetry and drama.
sculpture and poetry.