Extra Credit - Thematic Essay

Theme:   Culture and Intellectual Life

                Throughout Global History, political conditions in some civilizations have 
                produced  "Golden Ages."


             *  Define the term "Golden Age" and identify some of the major characteristics of a 
                Golden Age.
             *  Select TWO civilizations that have experienced a Golden Age.  Give specific political,
                economic, and other examples to show why the time chosen is considered such a 
                memorable one in that civilization's history.

You may discuss any Golden Ages that you have studied.  Some you may wish to
consider include Gupta India, T'ang China, the Carolingian Renaissance, the European
High Middle Ages, Harun al-Rashid's Baghdad, the Ummayad Caliphate at Cordova,
Heian Japan, or the Italian Renaissance.

                                              You are NOT limited to these suggestions!


WARNINGS --> Do NOT plagiarize from your textbook or from any other sources!  Use
                        imbedded references  within the essay.  Use the same format as that
                        required in a DBQ essay.

DUE DATE --> Monday, June 4, 2001