World War II

Match the items on the right with the items on the left:
Churchill's description of Stalin's expansion of Communist totalitarianism, separating the people of Eastern and Central Europe from the rest of the world.
Held in July of 1945. Attended by Stalin, Truman, and Churchill. Displayed the disunity of the shaky alliance.
American victory against the superior Japanese naval force.
This policy was used by England and France. In it they agreed to give in to the demands of Hitler, hoping that his territorial expansion would cease once his demands were met.
A great turning point in the war, that marked the end of Nazi advances in the Soviet Union.
I attempted to assassinate Hitler by bringing a bomb in my briefcase to a meeting. I hoped that his death would result in the forming of Germany into a fascist state paralleling Italy.
I am a preserving communist in Yugoslavia. I am known by the name of Tito. I helped lead a resistance movement that aided in Germany's military demise.
Reference to the planned invasion of France, "D-Day", coordinated by General Eisenhower.
Also known as 'Night of the Broken Glass'. When Nazi mobs wrecked Jewish temples throughout Germany.
The last German offensive. The battle took place in Belgium. After this battle, the Germans were in retreat on all fronts.
A pledge between Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin which guaranteed that after the end of the war Germany would be occupied by Allied powers and demilitarized.
Refers to General Erwin Rommel who attacked the lifeline of Britain, the Suez Canal.
Stripped Jews in Germany of their rights as citizens.
Where the second atomic bomb was dropped in Japan, causing them to surrender to the United States.
An ideological alliance between Italy, Germany, and Japan, that would uphold mutual cooperation between the three nations.
Referred to the "lighting war" or Germany's use of arms and air support.
Hitler's autobiography, which presented his plan for Nazi Germany. It also mentioned the inferiority of non-fascist ideologies and people especially the Jews and the Communist Russians.
The forced union of Germany and Austria.
The Nazis consolidated power by following this policy which builds economic self-sufficiency, by allowing a country to strive independent of imports and foreign markets.
The Nationalist Socialist German Worker's Party, is another way of referring to this organization.
Occurred in 1922 and it caused the current government to collapse, allowing Mussolini to create a new form of government.
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