Match the items on the right with the items on the left:
One of the most important barriers to the initialization of Italian unification.
This person's drive for unification was based on the belief that it would provide for a common purpose, making the Italians worthy of democracy.
July 1838, Cavour secretly met with him at Plombieres to discuss a war between Austria and Piedmont-Sardinia.
This Italian republican revolutionary's claim to power was a result of the support received by Sicilians.
This man orchestrated the unification of Italy around the constitutional monarchy of Piedmont-Sardinia.
An agreement signed here between Cavour and Napoleon helped Napoleon III gain influence in Italy and Piedmont-Sardinia wage war with Austria.
This secret society under Mazzini believed work by Italians themselves would bring about unification of Italy.
This army under Garibaldi helped to overtake Naples and end papal resistance.
This "Iron Chancellor" used realpolitik to obtain Germany's self interest.
This practice is used in order to pursue a nation's goal in the abscence of morals and ethics.
The Treaty of Vienna established a union between these two duchies under the administration of Prussia and Austria.
This country's victory in the Franco-Prussian war (1870-71) completed the unification of German states.
This was a factor of disunity between northern and southern Germany.
The Ausgleich created this and helped stabilize eastern central Europe.
This person emerged as the leader of Hungarian liberals and saw Hungary's partnership with Austria as an obsatcle to liberal reform.
This less-developed Eastern European country, unlike Austria and Germany, did not experience a revolution in the mid- to late-19c.
This man wanted to unify Italy by gradually extending his control over the peninsula.
This peace treaty signed by Piedmont Sardinia ended this war and helped Cavour on unifying Italy.
Bismark assured Napoleon III compensation in this land if he promised to stay out of an Austro-Prussian War.
As a result of this treaty, Austria was eliminated as a dominant threat to the German states; the German Confederation was dissloved.
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