The Napoleonic Era

Match the items on the right with the items on the left:
The government established after the overthrow of the Directory to bring political satiability and strengthen Napoleon's executive power.
An executive group consisting of talented and meritorious people from the French population, for their service to the nation.
The French legal system enacted in 1804 containing the details for French civil , commercial, and criminal war.
British victory in 1805 which destroyed Napoleon's plan to invade England and secured Britain's dominance over naval power during the 19th century.
Absolute rulers who imposed reforms that would benefit their subjects as well as themselves.
A series of laws to help supervise the rights of other religions in France besides Catholicism.
An agreement between Napoleon and the Papacy which declared Catholicism " the religion of the majority of the French citizens."
The establishment of a French blockade of English ships from docking in European ports, therefore, crippling English trade.
I depicted the cruelty of the French in their attacks on Spanish citizens in my paintings.
This finalized the exile of Napoleon to a Mediterranean island off the coast of Italy where Napoleon would be emperor of Elba alone.
The island where Napoleon was exiled to after his first defeat as emperor in France.
This was the result of Napoleon's growing frustrations with the inefficiency of the Continental system and his growing interests in the Mediterranean region.
Composed of 16 German states who excepted French presence in southern Germany, and promised to support Napoleon if war broke out. It also ended the Holy Roman Empire.
Napoleon's attempt to march across Spain in order to conquer Portugal. Napoleon attempts to secure French control over Spain and is meet with opposition by Spanish guerrillas.
Leader of the English fleet in the Battle of Trafalgar, he died in the battle but the success of his fleet was one of history's most decisive victories.
The foreign minister of Austria who helped to manage and control the agreement made by European nations in the Congress of Vienna. He was a conservative and believed in absolutism.
State secondary schools, intended to give it's students technical training and to produce loyal military officers and government officials from the graduates.
Napoleon's escape from Elba back to France where he is reunited with his old army am marches through southern France.
Napoleon mobilized his army against the English and Prussians after his return from Elba. The Prussian army comes to the aid of the English and defeat Napoleon's army.
Former slave whom aided in the independence of Haiti from the French.
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