The French Revolution

Match the items on the right with the items on the left:
What was the Estates General?
July 14, 1789.
The rumors that circulated in the summer of 1789 that alarmed the general public (especially the peasantry) in France.
This Finance Minister who was repeatedly dismissed by King Louis XVI
This structure represented the Old Regime to the citizens of Paris.
This governing body wanted a constitutional monarchy in France.
This legislative body ruled France during the First French Republic.
This social class supported Robespierre and the Jacobins.
The conservative response to the French Revolution?
The ideals established during the French Revolution?
They comprised the First Estate?
On June 20, 1789 the Third Estate took this pledge that they would remain assembled until a constitution had been written.
This legal document attempted to give the citizens of France more liberty, imitating the American Declaration of Independence?
The purpose of the August 4th Laws.
I responded to a warning to curb my spending in light of the poverty of the peasants of France with the phrase: "Let them eat cake!"
This piece of legislation made those who pledged swear allegiance to the state above all other political, religious, or social obligations.
The period of time in which the guillotine was used to execute many anti-revolutionaries in France.
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