---> These fact-recall quizzes were created by 
the Senior A. P. European History class of 2001.

Q U I Z   T O P I C S
   1.  The Renaissance   11.  The Industrial Revolution
   2.  The Reformation & Religious Wars   12.  The Age of the "ISMs"
   3.  The Age of European Exploration & the
        Commercial Revolution
  13.  The Unification of Germany & Italy
   4.  The Early Modern Monarchies   14.  The "New European Imperialism
   5.  The Age of Absolutism   15.  World War I
   6.  The Scientific Revolution   16.  The Russian Revolution to the Early
         Stalin Years
   7.  The Enlightenment   17.  The Inter-War Years
   8.  The French Revolution   18.  World War II & the Beginning of the
         Cold War [through the 1940s]
   9.  The Napoleonic Era   19.  The Cold War Period
 10.  The Conservative Reaction to
        Revolutionary Europe
  20.  The Post-Cold War World