Choose the correct word for each question.

The complete Renaissance person.
He painted the Sistine Chapel.
He invented the printing press.
He wrote The Courtier.
The merchant family that ruled Florence and became great patrons of the arts.
He wrote In Praise of Folly which poked fun at the clergy and the Church hierarchy.
The quality that gave a Renaissance man an appreciation for greatness and excellence.
The greatest English playwright.
He painted "The Last Supper" and the "Mona Lisa."
He wrote Paradise Lost in which he supported Cromwell's Puritan Revolution and showed the destructive qualities of pride and the redeeming possibility of humanity.
This child prodigy created concerto and opera masterpieces at the end of the 18c.
His book, Utopia, presented an idealized future world based on many of the principles found in Plato's Republic.
His book, Gargantua, glorified man in his natural state and presented his view that any degree of restraint, intelligent or moral, was repugnant.
The artistic technique that Da Vinci used which emphasized the blurring of colors until they disappeared into the background.
This art movement was characterized by very heavy, ornate decor which appealed to the emotions of the widest possible European audience.
He was the Renaissance artist known for his Madonnas.
He originally designed one of the greatest domes in the world--that of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.
In his book, Don Quixote de la Mancha, he poked fun at medieval chivalry and the values of medieval society.
The chief portrait painter of 18c England.
This Renaissance writer believed that sin was unknowable and that the "road to salvation lay in doubt, not in faith."
The light, lyrical folk music of the Renaissance.
London's principal architect.
He wrote Pilgrim's Progress in which he proposed that individuals could do nothing to save themselves.
The most famous musician of the Baroque period.
He was the transitional artistic figure between the late Middle Ages and the early Renaissance.
This art movement got its name from the French word for "seashell". Pastel colors dominated.
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