Final Review

Match the question with the proper term or personality.

Louis XIV's finance minister.
The belief in minimal government.
These were issued by the French King and acted as warrants of arrest without charge.
The French nobility who had been given titles because of their services as good judges or competent civil administrators.
Corrupt districts where property was bought up by a rich and powerful aristocratic family who "owned" a seat in Parliament.
Under the leadership of Robespierre, they instituted the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution.
A solemn decree, written by Charles VI, which directed that all the Hapsburg lands would pass to his daughter, Maria Theresa.
He was Henry IV of France's finance minister.
Peter the Great's modernization policy.
These thinkers believed that there were universal laws in all aspects of life, not only in science.
French government officials appointed from the middle class who owed their total allegiance to the king, and not to the local aristocracy.
The ruling family of Prussia.
They were used as collateral for French paper money in 1789.
This document made Catholic clergy in France become paid government officials elected by the French people.
The Prussian nobility.
He wrote The Wealth of Nations in which he said that the economy of a nation should be run by the "invisible hand" of competition rather than by a government-controlled economy.
The rebellion of the French nobility during the early years of Louis XIV's reign.
This political group in early revolutionary France wanted a middle-class Republic similar to that in the United States.
The battle in which the Russians beat the Swedes and ended Swedish domination of the Baltic region.
The primary governing body in France during Robespierre's reign.
The descendents of the French feudal aristocracy.
Charles I of England aroused the wealthy against him by collecting this special tax on inland inhabitants as well as from people living along the English coast.
The French city-workers, known for their long, puffy trousers.
The conservative backlash after the Reign of Terror.
A 33-volume 18c compendium of scientific, technical, and historical knowledge.

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