Final Review

Match the question with the proper term or personality.

The peace of Augsburg (1555) arrived at this agreement.
This monarch tried to reinstate Catholicism in England.
Paris is worth a Mass!
This agreement divided the Americas between Spain and Portugal.
This law declared the English sovereign to be the head of an independent Anglican Church.
The most notorious speculation company scheme of the early 18c.
The economic system in which ownership of the means of production is in private hands.
"The Virgin Queen."
They were defeated in 1588 by a smaller, but more agile British fleet.
"Cradle of the Renaissance."
This treaty ended the religious hostilities between Catholics and Huguenots.
Guns and trinkets to Africa for slaves to the Caribbean for sugar, molasses, and rum.
It was through her son that the Stuarts came to the throne of England.
In this new business venture, members put their money into a common fund and gave over the management to a Board of Directors so that no individual could be legally responsible for any damages incurred in a lawsuit.
The system of government regulation of economic matters in order to increase the wealth of the nation.
This agreement ended the Thirty Year's War.
The royalist supporters during the English Civil War.
This famous maritime insurance company was founded in 1688.
A wealthy German merchant family of the early 17c.
This British political party's slogan was The King, the Church, and the Land!
This piece of legislation prohibited unjust imprisonment without a writ.
Cromwell's supporters, or Parliamentarians.
This event put William and Mary on the British throne.
The first powerful British Prime Minister.
This British political party's slogan was Life, Liberty, and Property!
This document settled all of the major issues between the British kings and Parliament.

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