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                Hey, what's up?   Getting ready for the A.P. European exam?  Well, this site will serve as a guide to you as we explore Women and their involvement in the French Revolution.


                 A Brief Synopsis

             The early signs of women liberation began with women holding salons in their homes. While playing hostess to the many guests in attendance, they were able to discuss current events with men and women.  Therefore, they were able to influence their husbands and fathers in their ideas and decisions.

                Women feminists of the French Revolution included Mary Wollencraft and Olympe de Gouges.   Mary Wollencraft wrote The Vindication of the Rights of Women, which was one of the early influences of women towards liberation.  When Olympe de Gouges wrote The Rights of Women and the Female Citizen, she, as a farmer's daughter, showed that the strong ideas of the women's movement reached to all classes.

                One of the ways women demonstrated their will during the French Revolution was marching to Versailles, demanding bread for their starving children.  They were successful, and brought back Louis XVI  armed with "pitchforks and wagons."

                Although women obviously showed their desire for equal rights with men continuously, they lost all gains once Napoleon took over France.


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