"I think, therefore I am!"

Welcome to Kim and Robin's Enlightenment
DBQ project!


Hi, and welcome to our page. Our names are Kim and Robin. We are Seniors at Maria Regina High School in Hartsdale New York. The following pages is our DBQ project. It took us a lot of time and consideration to decide what topic we wanted to choose.  We finally decided on the Enlightenment's affect on Revolutionary France.  In the following pages you will find our DBQ Question and Document, a Glossary of terms and Key People to know from this period, a Timeline of major events, a multiple choice quiz to test your knowledge, and a weblinks page which will connect you to other web sites that provide different information on the Enlightenment Period. 

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Our DBQ project talks about the Enlightenment Philosophers and their influence on the French Revolution. The Enlightenment period was a time of awaking and new ideas. I hope you enjoy our site and learn new and exciting information!!! 


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