Time Line
of The Enlightenment Period


1651 Hobbes publishes Leviathan.
1690 Locke publishes Two Treatises on Government.
1697 Mary Astell wrote Serious Proposal to the Ladies.   This stated that women needed to become better educated.
1721 Montesquieu published Persian Letters.  Reason used to liberate the mind.
1733 Voltaire published Philosophic Letters to the English.   Criticized problems facing France at the time.
1739 - 40 Hume published Treaties on Human Nature.
1748 Montesquieu published The Spirit of the Laws.  The condition of the country determined the political and social structure.
1751 Voltaire published The Age of Louis XIV.
1751 - 65 Diderot published The Encyclopedia.  It was considered the most important work of his lifetime.
1758 Voltaire published Candide.
1762 Rousseau published The Social Contract, Emile.   Attempt to unite the liberty of the individual with the authority of the government.  Emile was important for education.
1763 Voltaire published Treaties on Toleration.
1764 Beccaria published On Crimes and Punishments.
1770 Holbach published Systems of Nature.  Stated that the universe is made up of matter and motion.
1776 Smith published The Wealth of Nations.
1784 Immanuel Kant publishes his Critique of Pure Reason, his analysis of the human mind and how it relates to nature.
1787 Enlightenment Philosopher Condorcet published a treatise on the rights of women. He said that women have the same natural rights as men.
1789 The beginning of the French Revolution!
1791 Olympe de Gouges published a Declaration of the Rights of Woman.
March 13, 1791 Thomas Paine's Rights of Man was written.
1794 Thomas Paine's The Age of Reason was written. Condorcet wrote The Progress of the Human Mind.                                                                              


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