Primary Source Documents
bullet A Brief History of the Inquisition
bullet Discovery and Reformation
bullet map - "Europe in 1600"
bullet map - "Religious Divisions"
bullet map - "The Spread of Printing"
bullet People of Ideas - The Renaissance & Reformation
bullet The Reformation - general overview with a nice chart at the bottom comparing Protestant and Catholic beliefs
bullet The Reformation and Counter-Reformation
bullet Reformation Picture Gallery
bullet "Religion Caused the Reformation" - historian, Roland Bainton
bullet The Roman Catholic Church in 1500
bullet "The Secular Causality of the Reformation" - historian, Henry Charles Lea
bullet A Witch Hunt:  Germany 1628


bullet Edward VI (of England) - Protestantism
bullet The Gutenberg Bible
bullet History of Baroque Architecture
bullet Huguenot HIstory
bullet Huguenot History Timeline
bullet John Knox (biography)
bullet Life in Elizabethan England
bullet Lutheran Hymnal Songs
bullet map - "The Reformation & Counter-Reformation"
bullet map - "The Spread of Lutheranism"
bullet "Martin Luther" - lecture by Prof. Gerhard Rempel (West New England College)
bullet Martin Luther (PBS series)
bullet The Protestant Reformation (Early 1500s to Mid-1600s)
bullet The Protestant Reformation (Catholic Encyclopedia)
bullet Selected Works of Martin Luther
bullet The social consequences of Luther
bullet The Six Wives of Henry VIII of England
bullet Tudor History
bullet Was Luther a revolutionary?
bullet Works of John Calvin


bullet Baroque Architecture
bullet "Catholic Reform" - lecture by Prof. Gerhard Rempel (West New England College)
bullet The Council of Trent
bullet The Counter-Reformation (Catholic Encyclopedia)
bullet The Jesuits and St. Ignatius Loyola
bullet The Society of Jesus - The Jesuits (Catholic Encyclopedia)
bullet Was the Counter-Reformation a failure?
bullet Was the Counter-Reformation a success?


bullet The Defeat of the Spanish Armada - various articles
bullet Elizabeth I
bullet Elizabeth R
bullet The Faces of Elizabeth I
bullet King Philip of Spain Fact File
bullet King Philip II of Spain
bullet Letters of King Philip II of Spain, 1592-1597
bullet map - Expansion of the Ottoman Empire: 1359-1605
bullet map - "The Habsburg Empire Under Philip II"
bullet map - Ottoman Empire:  1566-1700
bullet Spanish Armada 1588
bullet Suleyman, 1494-1566
bullet Tudor History


bullet "An Age of Anxiety Brings on the Witch Craze" - historian, Hugh Trevor-Roper
bullet Catherine De Medici
bullet "An Early Look at a Religious War" - historian, Johann Cristoph Friedrich von Schiller
bullet The French Wars of Religion
bullet Henry IV
bullet Lindheim Witch Trials
bullet map- "Europe After the Peace of Augsburg"
bullet map - "The Peace of Westphalia, Europe, 1648"
bullet map - "Population Loss in Germany During the Thirty Years’ War"
bullet map - "Religious Divisions of Europe, ca. 1555"
bullet map - "Religious Divisions in France During the Wars of Religion"
bullet map - "Witchcraft Persecutions"
bullet The Revolt of the Spanish Netherlands
bullet "Thirty Years War" - lecture by Prof. Gerhard Rempel (West New England College)
bullet The Thirty Years War (I)
bullet The Thirty Years War (II)
bullet The Wars of Religion   Part I       Part II
bullet The Witch Hunts - primary & secondary sources
bullet Witch-Hunts in Early Modern Europe - PowerPoint



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bullet 1415:  Council of Constance, Sacrosancta
bullet 1427:  Diabolical Seduction - A Witch on Trial
bullet 1486:  Standards for the Torture of Witches - The Malleus Malificarum
bullet 1505-44:  Letters of the Six Wives of Henry VIII
bullet 1516:  excerpt from Thomas More's Utopia
bullet 1517:  Luther's Letter to the Archbishop of Mainz
bullet 1517:  Luther's 95 Theses
bullet 1520:  Address to the Christian Nobility of the German Nation - Martin Luther
bullet 1521:  The Imperial Edict of Worms
bullet 1522:  Martin Luther's Definition of Faith
bullet 1529:  "A Might Fortress is Our God" - hymn written by Martin Luther
bullet 1533:  Letter of Thomas Cranmer on Henry VIII's divorce
bullet 1534:  Act of Supremacy (Henry VIII of England)
bullet 1535:  The Last Letter of Sir Thomas More
bullet 1536:  Anne Boleyn's Speech at Her Execution
bullet 1538:  Jesuits Respond to a Call for Missionaries
bullet 1539:  The Suppression of Glastonbury Abbey
bullet 1540:  The Oath of the Society of Jesus
bullet 1541:  Spiritual Exercises - St. Ignatius Loyola
bullet 1542:  Pope Paul III Sets up the Roman Inquisition
bullet 1545:  Institutes of the Christian Religion - John Calvin (excerpt)
bullet 1547:  Ordinances for the Regulation of the Churches Dependent on the Seigniory of Geneva
bullet 1550:  Contemporary Accounts of German Witch Hunts
bullet 1550:  A Visit to the Wife of Suleiman the Magnificent
bullet 1555:  Peace of Augsburg - select documents
bullet 1557-1966:  Index of Prohibited Books
bullet 1559:  Elizabeth I's "Supremacy Act"
bullet 1559:  Queen Elizabeth I - Response to a Parliamentary Delegation on Her Marriage
bullet 1563:  Acts of the Council of Trent
bullet 1571:  Treasons Act (Elizabeth I's reign)
bullet 1572:  A Massacre of French Protestants
bullet 1583:  Elizabeth I - On Religion
bullet 1587:  The Last Letter of Mary, Queen of Scots
bullet 1588:  Queen Elizabeth - Against the Spanish Armada
bullet 1588:  Sir Francis Drake and the Spanish Armada (The English Mercurie)
bullet 1601:  Elizabeth I's Speech to her Last Parliament (The Golden Speech)
bullet 1630:  An Englishman's Report on the Thirty Years' War
bullet 1631:  Account of the Devastation of the Thirty Years' War
bullet 1645-52:  "The Ecstasy of St. Theresa of Avila" - sculpture by Gianlorenzo Bernini
bullet 1648:  "The Peace of Westphalia" painting by Adriaen From van Nieulandt
bullet 1662:  The Book of Common Prayer

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