Primary Source Documents
bullet A Boke of Gode Cookery - Medieval Recipe Translations
bullet Anglo-Saxons
bullet Art in Early Europe
bullet Book of Hours
bullet The Camelot International Village
bullet Castles of Britain
bullet Courtly Love
bullet Dominion and Domination of the Gentle Sex:  The Lives of Medieval Women
bullet Drama of the Middle Ages
bullet The European Middle Ages (Washington State U.)
bullet Exploring Medieval Castles
bullet Feudal Terms of England (and Other Places)
bullet Footwear of the Middle Ages
bullet Gregorian Chant Page
bullet Guide to Medieval & Renaissance Musical Instruments
bullet "Heretics, Heresies and the Church" (History Guide)
bullet Hill Monastic Manuscript Library
bullet An Introduction to the Fief and Castle
bullet Irish Manuscripts
bullet The Knighthood, Chivalry, & Tournament Resource Library
bullet The Labyrinth:  Resources for Medieval Studies (Georgetown U.)
bullet Lectures in Medieval History
bullet Life in the Middle Ages
bullet Masterpieces of Romanesque and Gothic Religious Architecture
bullet Medieval Architecture - The Rose Window
bullet Medieval Architecture in France
bullet Medieval Art
bullet Medieval Art (Art History Resources on the Web)
bullet Medieval Clip Art
bullet Medieval English Churches and Cathedrals
bullet Medieval Farming
bullet Medieval Jobs
bullet A Medieval Love Story
bullet Medieval Mediterranean Coins
bullet "Medieval Society:  The Three Orders" (History Guide)
bullet The Medieval Technology Pages (NYU)
bullet Medieval Warfare
bullet Medieval Women - Interactive
bullet "The Medieval World View" (History Guide)
bullet The Middle Ages (Annenberg Project)
bullet The Middle Ages (Brigham Young U.)
bullet The Middle Ages (History Links 101)
bullet The Middle Ages E-Museum (MN State U.)
bullet The Middle Ages Website
bullet The Monastery of Christ in the Desert
bullet This Date in Medieval History
bullet NetSERF - The Internet Connection for Medieval Resources (Catholic University of America)
bullet NM's Creative Impulses - Medieval World (loads of good links)
bullet Norman England
bullet Odin's Castle of Dreams and Legends
bullet The ORB:  The On-Line Reference Book for Medieval Studies
bullet Romanesque Architecture
bullet Scriptorium
bullet Some Clothing of the Middle Ages
bullet The Spanish Road to Santiago de Compostela
bullet Tales of the Middle Ages
bullet Wharram Percy -  The Lost Medieval Village
bullet Women Knights in the Middle Ages


bullet Byzantine Architecture
bullet "Byzantine Civilization" (History Guide)
bullet Byzantine Coins Page
bullet Byzantine Emperors List
bullet The Byzantine Empire
bullet Byzantine Recipes
bullet The Gallery of Byzantine Art (Royal Ontario Museum)
bullet The Glory of Byzantium (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
bullet Hagia Sophia (Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople)
bullet Internet Medieval Sourcebook:  The Byzantine Empire
bullet Late Antiquity Continuities - historian, Peter Brown
bullet map - "The Byzantine Empire Under Justinian"
bullet map - "The Byzantine Empire in 814"
bullet Maps of the Byzantine Empire
bullet Timeline of the Byzantine Empire


bullet Abbey (Catholic Encyclopedia)
bullet The Camelot Project
bullet "Charlemagne and the Carolingian Renaissance" (History Guide)
bullet Charlemagne the King
bullet "Early Medieval Monasticism" (History Guide)
bullet Europe:  500 - 1000 (art timeline - Metropolitan Museum of Art)
bullet "Feudalism and the Feudal Relationship" (History Guide)
bullet "The Impact of the Viking Age" - historian, Byron Nordstrom
bullet "Manorialism" (History Guide)
bullet map - "Arab Conquests (636-751)"
bullet map - "Barbarian Invasions (The Germanic Migrations) and Early Germanic Kingdoms"
bullet map - "The Barbarian Kingdoms, ca. 526"
bullet map - "Charlemagne's Empire"
bullet map - "Cluniac and Cistercian Monasteries"
bullet map -  "The Division of Charlemagne’s Empire"
bullet map - "Missionaries in Northern Europe, 800"
bullet map - "Roman Empire - 500"
bullet map - "Treaty of Verdun (843)"
bullet map - "Vikings explore Greenland and North America, ca. 1000"
bullet Medieval Fiefdom
bullet The Medieval Knight
bullet "Popular Religion in Charlemagne’s World" - historian, Pierre Riché
bullet Rise of Monasticism
bullet Saints Cyril and Methodius
bullet Timeline of Charlemagne's Reign
bullet Viking Long Ships
bullet The Vikings (Nova-PBS)
bullet Vikings:  The North Atlantic Saga (Smithsonian Institute)
bullet "Who Were the Vikings" - historian, Gwyn Jones
bullet Wyrme's Encyclopedia of Knighthood


bullet "The 12th Century Renaissance" (History Guide)
bullet Build a Medieval Castle
bullet Castle Builder
bullet Castles of Britain
bullet Castles on the Web
bullet "A Cause for a Crusade" - historian, Jonathan Riley-Smith
bullet Crusades  (Catholic Encyclopedia)
bullet "The Crusades Were an Episode in European Expansion" - historian, Hilmar C. Kreuger
bullet "The First Crusade- What Was the Objective?" - historian, Carl Erdmann
bullet Gothic Architecture
bullet Gothic Art (Web Gallery of Art)
bullet Gothic Medieval Cathedrals
bullet "The Holy Crusades" (History Guide)
bullet Invasion of England, 1066
bullet map - "13c Iberian Peninsula"
bullet map - "Cathedral Schools"
bullet map - "Crusader States in the Middle East"
bullet map - "England and France in the Mid-1200s"
bullet map - "Medieval Trade Networks"
bullet Medieval English Towns
bullet "Papal Planning Caused the Crusades" - historian, Frederic Duncalf
bullet Plan of a Gothic Cathedral
bullet "Popular Consensus Enabled the Crusade - historian, Paul Rousset
bullet Virtual Tour of Amiens Cathedral
bullet Virtual Tour of Durham Cathedral


bullet Age of King Charles V:  1338-1380 - 1,000 Illuminations from the Department of Manuscripts; Bibliothèque Nationale de France
bullet "Aquinas and Dante" (History Guide)
bullet "The Avignon Papacy:  1305-1378" - lecture notes by Prof. Lynn Harry Nelson (Univ. of KS)
bullet The Black Death:  1347-1350
bullet "The Black Death's Impact" - historian, Norman Cantor
bullet The Black Plague
bullet "The Hundred Years' War" - lecture notes by Prof. Lynn Harry Nelson (Univ.of KS)
bullet "In the Wake of the Black Death" (History Guide)
bullet Joan of Arc
bullet Luminarium:  Anthology of Middle English Literature (1350-1485)
bullet map - "4c Italian City-States"
bullet map - "Christianization of Northern Europe, ca. 1400"
bullet map - "France in 1300"
bullet map - "The Great Schism"
bullet map - "The Hanseatic League"
bullet map - "The Hundred Years’ War"
bullet map - "The Papal States in the 13c"
bullet map - "Spread of the Black Death"
bullet Northern European Ships of the 14c and 15c
bullet Papal Schism, 100 Years War and the Black Plague
bullet "Satan Triumphant- The Black Death" (History Guide)


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                                     Why Study History Through Primary Sources

bullet 494:  Gelasius I on the Doctrine of the Two Powers
bullet 496:  King Clovis Becomes a Christian:  Two Accounts
bullet 500-1100:  Documents showing the evolution of feudalism
bullet 500:  Salic Law
bullet 530s:  Procopius - On the Great Church, Hagia Sophia
bullet 540:  Ravenna Mosaic, "Theodora"
bullet 542:  Procopius - The Plague
bullet 550:  The Law Code of Justinian
bullet 560:  Procopius' Buildings - The Achievements of Justinian
bullet 6c:  excerpts from Procopius' Secret History
bullet 6c:  Excerpts from the Corpus Juris Civiles
bullet 6c-7c:  Feudal Oaths of Fidelity
bullet 637:  Treaty Regulating Christians and Jews under Islam
bullet 650:  an icon on wood of St. Peter
bullet 7c:  The Law of the Salian Franks
bullet 7c-8c:  The Farmer's Law (Byzantine)
bullet 8c:  Alcuin's Praise of Charlemagne
bullet 8c:  Nennius - The History of the Britons
bullet 8c:  The Holy Order of St. Benedict
bullet 732:  Three Accounts of the Battle of Tours
bullet 750-800:  The Donation of Constantine
bullet 750-815:  Monetary Regulations of the Carolingians
bullet 754:  The Eastern Church Rejects Images - the Seventh Ecumenical Synod
bullet 800:  Five Contemporary Accounts of Charlemagne's Coronation
bullet 800:  Inventory of one of Charlemagne's Estates
bullet 800:  a Viking Ship
bullet 802:  Capitulary for Missi 17 (Monks)
bullet 825:  an example of Carolingian miniscule
bullet 840s:  The Early Raids of the Northmen
bullet 841:  Dhuoda's (a French noblewoman) Advice to Her Son
bullet 842:  The Strasbourg Oaths
bullet 865:  Papal Supremacy Declared
bullet 870:  Ibn Abd-el-Hakem. History of the Conqest of Spain
bullet 870:  Gold and Jeweled Cover of the Lindau Gospels
bullet 883:  Annals of Fulda on the Viking raids
bullet 888:  A Byzantine Mathematics Textbook
bullet 890:  The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles
bullet 9c:  Feudal Oaths of Loyalty (Capitularies)
bullet 9c:  Einhard - Life of Charlemagne
bullet 9c-10c:  Early Gothic/Post-Carolingian Scripts
bullet late 10c:  An Arab Ambassador in Constantinople
bullet 910:  The Foundation Charter of the Order of Cluny, 11 September
bullet 989:  The Peace of God - Synod of Charroux
bullet 1054:  Letter from Pope Leo IX to the patriarch of Constantinople, Michael Celarius
bullet 1063:  The Truce of God - Bishopric of Terouanne
bullet 1066:  The Battle of Hastings according to Orderic Vitalis
bullet 1076:  Henry IV's Letter to Gregory VII
bullet 1078:  Pope Gregory VII forbids lay investiture
bullet 1080:  Gregory VII: Lay Investitures Forbidden
bullet 1086:  Excerpts from the Domesday Book
bullet 1095:  Pope Urban II Calls for the First Crusade
bullet 1098-1249:  Letters of the Crusaders Written from the Holy Land
bullet 1098:  Anselme of Ribemont, Letter to Manasses II, Archbishop of Reims
bullet 1098:  Stephen, Count of Blois and Chartres, Letter to his wife, Adele
bullet 1099:  Account of Raymond d'Aguiliers on the Crusader capture of Jerusalem
bullet 12c:  Fief Ceremonies
bullet 12c:  Marsilius of Padua's "The Story of my Misfortunes"
bullet 12c:  Peter Abelard's "Ode to Jerusalem"
bullet 12c:  The Rule of the Franciscan Order
bullet 12c:  Theodore Balsamon - on the Powers of the Patriarch of Constantinople
bullet 12c-13c:  Town Charters
bullet 1100:  The Song of Roland
bullet 1115:  Guibert de Nogent - The Revolt in Laon
bullet 1120:  Peter Abelard, Sic et Non
bullet 1127:  Charter for the Town of St. Omer
bullet 1140:  Bernard of Clairvaux on Christian Knighthood
bullet 1147:  Criticism of the Second Crusade
bullet 1155:  Urban Privileges - Charter of Larris
bullet 1160-1213:  Geoffrey de Villehardouin - Chronicle of the Fourth Crusade and the Conquest of Constantinople
bullet 1164:  Constitution of Clarendon
bullet 1187:  Letter from the East to Master of Hospitalers
bullet 1192:  Negotiations between Richard I Lionheart and Saladin
bullet 1198:  Pope Innocent III - license to Venice to trade with the Saracens
bullet 13c:  Letters of Pope Innocent III
bullet 1204:  The Sack of Constantinople by the Fourth Crusade
bullet 1210:  Urban Revolt in Chartres
bullet 1215:  Magna Carta
bullet 1221:  The Rules of St. Francis
bullet 1230:  passage from Egil's Saga
bullet 1248:  Partnership Agreements - Purchases of a Partnership in a Ship
bullet 1248-1249:  A Crusader's Letter Home
bullet 1250:  "Siege of Antioch" - manuscript illumination
bullet 1254:  Reinarius Saccho - Of the Sects of the Modern Heretics
bullet 1295:  Three Summonses of Parliament
bullet 1296:  Pope Boniface VIII - Clericis Laicos
bullet 14c:  Gild merchant documents
bullet 14c:  Prologue - Chaucer's Canterbury Tales
bullet 1300:  Marco Polo - The Glories of Kinsay (Hangchow)
bullet 1302: Papal bull. Unam Sanctam
bullet 1315:  The Famine of 1315
bullet 1325-1354:  Ibn Battuta - Travels in Asia and Africa
bullet 1331:  Bernard Gui on the Albigensians
bullet 1340:  Contemporary Explanations for the Plague
bullet 1340-1353:  Petrarch, Letter Criticizing the Avignon Papacy
bullet 1348:  Boccaccio Discusses the Plague in Florence
bullet 1348:  The 1348 Report of the Paris Medical Faculty
bullet 1349:  The Ordinance of Laborer (England)
bullet 1381:  English Peasants' Revolt
bullet 1382:  Prayers Against the Plague
bullet 1387-1400:  Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales
bullet 15c:  Witchcraft documents
bullet 1400:  "The Triumph of Death" woodcut
bullet 1450:  Jack Cade - Proclamation of Grievances

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